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Black Panther vol. 1 Concrete Jungle
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Black Panther vol. 1 Concrete Jungle

  1. clintsylvania
    Doom Pool: 2d6

    Hidden deep within Africa hides a nation advanced far beyond many in the world. The country of Wakanda, a proud and just nation, has been ruled by monarchy of tradition. Only one who is worthy can lead them. Those who are worthy don the mantle of The Black Panther. T'Challa, the current Panther, is serving his countrymen abroad. He understands that Wakanda has many enemies, whether they are the out-right confrontational Latveria or the cloak and dagger styles of Western bureaucracies . As a way to keep a low profile while being in stewardship of the Avengers, he has taken to helping the local community in another way...

    The bell rings in Harlem's P.S. 182 with steely vibrato. Your students make their way to seats... all but Melvin Jefferies for the third day in a row....
    "Good morning, Mr Charles!" the kids yell. Behind the simple sweater vest and button up shirt; a simple disguise of glasses and khakis named Luke Charles truly resides T'Challa of Wakanda. To your enemies, you are the fearsome Black Panther!
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