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Shang Chi vol. 1 Big Boss

  1. clintsylvania
    Doom Pool: 2d6

    "Call me Shang-Chi, as my father did when he raised me and molded my mind and my body in the vacuum of his Honan, China retreat. I learned many things from my father: That my name means 'The Rising and Advancing of a Spirit', that my body could be forged into a living weapon through the discipline of kung fu, and that it might be used for the murder of a man called Dr. Petrie.
    Since then I have learned that my father is Dr. Fu Manchu, the most insidiously evil man on earth...and that to honor him would bring nothing but dishonor to the spirit of my name."

    The dance of combat is nothing new to the man born, Shang Chi. It was forged into his being since birth. The heart beats thump like drums that fuel the muscles. Blood flows like molten steel. The reaching hand of Dr. Fu Manchu always providing new partners for Shang Chi to dance with. Today is without exception. Even here, on the streets of Venice, Dr. Manchu's men seek an audience. The setting sun cast long shadows in this daring tango. Their feet gently give the gravel on the cobblestone a growl.
    'Only five?' whispers in the cooled mind of Shang Chi as he enters into the ballet of the Dragon and the dead.

  2. Sn Ded
    "I see my fathers villainy has reached even the fair canals of Venice"
    Shang feels his center grow calm as he assess the disposition of his enemies
    Turns, his back now to the sun, viewing where his opponents stand to decide his next move
  3. clintsylvania
    " Ju are a fool, Chang! You could rule this world by your fah-ther's side but you spit on his honor"
    " You will suffer!! " yells a man revealing nunchaku from the sleeves of his loose flowing shirt.
    The other men follow suit, brandishing escrema sticks, daggers and kukaris.

    " KAI-YAAAAAA" the 5 men cry as they rush upon you.

    Scene distinctions
    Murky Body of Water
    Cobble stone streets

  4. Sn Ded
    "Five, against a Master of Kung Fu, my father either sorely underestimates me or sorely over estimates his evil minions martial arts prowess". Shang's moccasined feet seem to fly across cobbles, his right foot flies out and connects with one of the Thugs jaw dropping him to the floor, his left hand blocking the nunchucks instinctively, right fist connecting with the solar plexus of another driving him backwards winded.

    Solo 10d
    Master of King Fu 4d 1pp
    Enhanced Strength 8d
    Enhanced Reflex 8d
    Acrobatics Master 10d
    Combat Master 10d
  5. Sn Ded
    Solo 10d - 5
    Master of King Fu 4d 1pp - 4
    Enhanced Strength 8d - 5
    Enhanced Reflex 8d -6
    Acrobatics Master 10d - 7
    Combat Master 10d - 6
  6. clintsylvania
    whats your total and effect?
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