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Daredevil vol.1 : Predator's Smile
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Daredevil vol.1 : Predator's Smile

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  1. clintsylvania
    Doom Pool: 2d6

    Steam oozed from the sewers in this unreasonably hot May weather. The dark night cast long shadows of the streets in Hell's Kitchen. Rolling Black Outs have been plaguing this spot of the city for 2 weeks now. 'The perfect chance to shed light on the sins of men', thought the stranger as he made his way to an abandoned tenant building. He had cased the place for several weeks, building a stock pile of flammable goods. The man makes his way through the decrepit wooden floors. He had to be silent so as not to wake the junkies tripping on the poison from their needles. 'These are not living beings. They are objects to prove my point.'
    The stranger lit his match. Behind the flickering glow of a single flame, he smiled. He smiled with joy at the knowledge of one thing:
    'It burns tonight'

    Matt Murdock wakes up from restless slumber, sore from nightly patrols and various combats from the months prior. The smell of coffee emerges from beneath the door and permeates his nostrils. The coffee maker with a built in timer was Foggy's idea. Foggy always tried to be helpful, even in his own clumsy way. Matt stretched to loosen up his joints and muscles before making his way downstairs to the kitchen. Reaching for the mug in his cupboard, the rush of sounds from Hell's Kitchen began to soak through the glass of his windows. Morning conversations and words like 'fire' began to find a pattern.
  2. Brian O'Carroll
    Matt braces himself, takes a deep breath, opens the window and lets his senses expand outwards.
    The sudden increase of noise initially overwhelms him, but he quickly recovers, and starts to filter out the sounds, closing in on the talk of fire while a feeling of dread starts to rise in his gut.
  3. clintsylvania
    The smell of burnt wood and mortar linger in the air almost masked by the saturation of city water that doused the flames. Your hearing zeroes in on a local news report:
    "----'m standing here in front of what used to be O'Malley flats on the out skirts of Clinton. The building had been condemned due to substandard construction materials and endless infestations of bed bugs and roaches. Initial investigation may point to arson. There were 5 bodies found in the wreckage. We will keep our eye on this story. Back to you, Al."
  4. Brian O'Carroll
    Is it possible to scan the wreckage for clues / survivors?
  5. clintsylvania
    (If that is what you want to do, how do you scan the scene?)
  6. Brian O'Carroll
    Use my hearing to listen for heartbeats, noises coming from any possible survivors.
    Use smell to see if I can identify the sort of accelerant used or any other unusual smells other than the burning.
    I put together a dice pool of:
    Solo d10
    Supersenses d10
    And crime expert d10
    I also use a d4 for Protector of Hells Kitchen as I've failed to protect the people who were there. This gives me 1PP.
    * Brian O'Carroll rolls some dice *

    * Brian O'Carroll rolls some dice *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    03-13-2016 06:22 AM
    Brian O'Carroll rolls some dice: 3d10 (9,5,1 = 15)
    Brian O'Carroll rolls some dice: 1d4 (2)
  7. Brian O'Carroll
    1 opportunity.
    14 total. D4 effect
  8. clintsylvania
    Zeroing in with your radar senses, you can faintly detect familiar smells flame accelerants. The talks of people around the scene a solemn. You can only detect the heartbeats of those around the destroyed building. It may require a closer inspection to gain a full perspective.

    ** bzzt** **bzzt** Foggy. Nelson. (in a robotic female voice) **bzzt** **bzzt** rings the telephone. You can detect the delicate mechanisms inside the phone adjusting the caller i.d of the phone in braille.
    (I will buy your opportunity.)
  9. Brian O'Carroll
    I answer the phone. Letting foggy be aware that im aware of the news.
    'Foggy, Hi. Have you seen the news? This is awful, is there anything we can do? '
    (2PP and a doom pool increase already! This is going to be a tough one. )
  10. Brian O'Carroll
    I probably should have said heard not seen for Matt.
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