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Brief History of the Ffenarch

  1. wizarddog
    Brief History of the Ffenarch:
    300 years ago The Kingdom of Pale lays claim to the Troll Fens and establishes forts to settle and fight off trolls to clear the land.

    150 years ago: The last of the major troll tribes are driven out with treaty with the sylvan elves and the Kingdom of pale soldiers in the Fens. By decree for their service, the Pale kingdom give the Nobel families grants to land and title. The stronghold of Eylea becomes the capital of the Ffrengargh and the Lord Spirituals are assigned. The houses include: Havet, Crest, Waldgrave, D’arcy, Siranush, Kilanas (Elf blood only), Staufendorf, Rughlor, and Tyrwhit.

    125 years ago: Remote villages of the Ffrenrach are brought under control. People of the region are forced converted to Plthous. A Monastic order is developed and monasteries are built near major villages.

    100 years ago: The Lord Rughlor and his Lady die in a fire at Lorge Hall. While descendants of the family exist, the Hall lays unclaimed.

    50 yrs ago: An uprising of villagers kill the Lord Crest, the last of his line at his manor near the hamlet of Ash Fork. Local legends weave tales of child abductions and sacrifice.

    25 years ago: the Line of Havet dies out during an incident at the Havethold manor, the home once converted into an asylum. The land has been deserted ever since.
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