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The Ffenargh-Other Sites of Intrigue

  1. wizarddog
    Other sites:

    F18 Ash Fork: A town mostly known for the Laughing Badger inn.
    The Laughing Badger is considered one the most popular Inns in all of the Ffengarh due to its cheerful atmosphere and the proprietor, Maddock. However, several months ago a nasty barroom brawl had injured the man and some say his cheerful jovial self has not been the same. The Laughing Badger is last high end stop after Eylea.

    F19 Havethold: For decades, the ruined mansion on the small island
    has been the source of furtive whispers and ill omens. While many have forgotten the night the sky burned red and the old halls fell to flame, all know that now its grounds are a dead place, where only fools and the suicidal dare tread. Yet, those who do remember that
    fateful night nearly forty years ago can tell another tale Ė although they rarely do. The mansion wasnít just some fopís manor house, they say, but a hospital of a kind, a sanctuary for those unable to help themselves, a sanatorium of the mind and thoughts, and an asylum of the insane.

    F20 Staufendorf: Town and manor own by the Lords and Lady Baliffs Staufendorf and their children. Rumors have spoken of unrest between the family and local villagers.

    F21 Grunardís Keep: An abandon fortress in the south west of the ffrengh near the Staufendorf. Ten years ago, a siege was put upon the tower by force of trolls. The men were under siege for months until a relief force could arrive. For circumstance unknown, the remaining troops in Grunardís fort were never relieved and the fortress has been abandoned since.

    F22 Cresh Manor: Many stories surround the Cresh Mnaor and the house of Cresh final patriarch, Lord Alexander Cresh. The stories claims the villagers of slew their master when he was accused of abducting children of the village to sacrifice to horrid devils. Details are murky of what became of the raiding villagers and the Lord himself other than the village has been deserted and the manor is avoided by travelers in the fens. The path to the Manor has not been maintained.
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