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The Ffenargh-Lorge Island and Corpsemire

  1. wizarddog
    Lorge Island & Corpsemire
    Corpsemire and the island of Lorge (see Map F) together made up the manor of Lorge where Rughlor once ruled and where he brought his new bride Nuala. Since the couple died, it has become a foul, evil place where civilized men rarely, if ever, go and which the Lords of Eylea rule in name only.

    Villages (Map Key)
    The peasants of this area have lost most of the few vestiges of civilization which they once had, and have even interbred with pseudo-undead. Their villages consist of crude, squalid huts. The peasants will be very unfriendly, but will only attack in self-defense or if sure of an easy victory. The villagers secretly worship old gods such as Dorsein and other undead and death gods which are considered enemies of Eylea.

    F15 Glubh: Buildings - 20 huts surrounded by a briar stockade.

    F16 Harge: Buildings - 16 huts surrounded by a log fence and ditch

    F17 Skagken: Buildings - 15 huts surrounded by a ditch
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