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OOC Thread

  1. Fingon
    Hello everyone. This thread will be used for discussion things out of character, as opposed to our in character (IC) thread. Talking about what our characters are doing, planning things, asking historical questions, or anything else can go here.

    We'll start by introducing our characters in the following format:

    Physical description
    Hair, skin, eye color
    General appearance

    Psychological description
    Personality, likes, dislikes, quirks, and so on

    Other notes
    Things which the other players should know

    Keep in mind that there are things which only you and and the GM should know. Write these down for yourself, but don't share them here.

    If you want to communicate things only to another player or only to the GM, use this websites private message (PM) system.
  2. Fingon
    First up, we need to decide how we want to run this. We can do it like a GURPS campaign, just online, but that could get tedious really quickly. For PBP (play-by-post) games I typically like to go a bit more free form, using dice rolls and such only when absolutely necessary. What do you guys think?

    Also, I'm curious if we couldn't get a rotating GM for this going, mostly because I would like to have a character as well. Maybe we can have more than one party, maybe we could have different people GM for different scenarios (for example, one GM for the journey from Pruage to Linz, another for tramping through the Black Forest, another for the voyage to the New World, something like that), or we could even dispose of a GM entirely.
  3. CBelmonte
    Alright, here goes:

    Novak Svoboda
    A hearty and inquisitive wandering scholar from Prague. Educated in the classic manner of liberal arts he's earned a doctorate of law and history from the Univerzita Karlova v Praze. Depending on when exactly we set the campaign its either still a center of protestant learning that was instrumental in the Hussite movement 200 years prior or under armed Jesuit occupation after Prague fell to Imperial Catholic forces in 1620.

    Pravnik Svoboda posses a letter of safe passage signed by the emperor himself granting (hypothetical) protection for the Czech Doctor as he travels Germany compiling a treatise on the local laws and customs of the empire to better consolidate imperial authority after an assumed victory by Catholic forces.

    Although not a fighter by trade Novak has the trademark scars of a university student-union fencer and in the grand tradition of these fraternities can at least point a blade in the right direction. These scars
  4. CBelmonte
    Just an FYI this forum is giving me trouble when I attempt to post - it decides to randomly unlogged me and when it does it deletes most of what I worked on.

    Anyway I'll try to figure it out but in the mean time the partial post I put up is me showing some good faith on getting this off the ground.
  5. Fingon
    Just an FYI this forum is giving me trouble when I attempt to post - it decides to randomly unlogged me and when it does it deletes most of what I worked on.
    Odd, I've never had a problem with this website. Do you run a tracking blocker a similar extension?
  6. DangerD
    Anton Bednarz
    Tailor by trade, basic clothing up to advanced lacework. Travels around, trades for clothing commission work and has a small stock of inventory. He is literate and also has skills in calligraphy, has done some work as a scribe.

    Dark Brown curly hair, shorter than the Hobbit shag though
    fair skin
    actual age: 18

    Appearance is slight and clothing is a bit baggy. Incredible manners. Can speak high German, Low German, and French. He is an alcoholic, there are also paranoid tendencies.

    Rather reserved in nature, but not suspicious, one to make a little small talk. Anton is polite and well spoken, which may be the only thing that might make him stand out. It’s hard to tell how he is as he doesn't fit his clothes, and could look like a gaunt young man perhaps 22, but could also just be 17 or 18, barely a man. Beers and meads are always in supply for him, as he keeps a pretty steady flow of beverage running through him, but he seems to operate under those conditions. It might be strange to imagine him sober. He is quick to help, and offer services, in exchange for necessities. Appears to be well off enough for a travelling type, but may have a hard time financially if he were trying to stay in one place. Is Protestant, but doesnt go around quoting the good book, or sacraments. He has read other books as he has been educated.

  7. CBelmonte
    Alright, here goes trying this the smart way (typing it all on word and then posting it).

    From where I left off halfway through my summery:


    These scars serve to identify him as a noble and educated man as many university students belonged to fraternities and enough of these fraternities engaged in dueling for the scars to become a status symbol (a continuation of this student dueling tradition is why so many German officers had awesome scars in the World Wars). However these scars also indicate that he’s most likely not a member of the clergy (theology students in fact had special leave granted to NOT join student fraternities on the account of their stereotyped violence and debauchery).

    Physical Description:

    Race: Very dark for a Slav both in hair and complexion. However, much like Black Irish, he still falls within the general parameters of the race.
    Ethnicity: Same thing as race at this point in history yes? Mayhaps even more important since race as we understand it really didn’t exist yet.
    Age: Anywhere from his late 20’s to his late 30’s – the beard and laugh wrinkles around the eyes make it hard to pin down.
    Height: Average enough for a man who hasn’t suffered from malnutrition – 5’10.
    Weight: A bit on the meaty side but by no means fat – about 14 stones.
    Hair, skin, eye color: Black, swarthy and warm brown; like the leather cover of a well-loved book.
    General Appearance: Well-dressed but not extravagantly so. Novak wears a lot of subdued and modest colors (earth tones and burgundies) in his dress but all are well-made, well cared for examples. If he was English he might be mistaken for a Puritan (who, contrary to popular imagination did not dress exclusively in black but rather in purposeful modesty compared to the purposefully extravagant and wasteful French dominated fashions). Complimenting this is an equally modest yet sturdy basket hilted sword.
    He walks with a confident stride, almost a swagger, and his eyes almost always hide a smile in their creases. His beard, galloping across his face and over his cheek bones, reaches just far enough to conceal any attempt at impressing with a cravat or other neck decoration. When speaking his voice carries firm and hearty – a deep, attractive bass every bit full and rich as his mid-section.

    Psychological Description:

    Novak is a purposefully warm, genuine person and uses his bonhomie to make his travels easier on himself and his companions. Although quick with a hearty, booming laugh he does suppress his joviality when it’s time to be serious, something he does fairly often as he is on official Imperial business.
    Other than his genial nature he is diligently interested in all things local – customs, laws and traditions. If asked he will happily reveal his charge as a cartography of Imperial society. Could lead to some very interesting interactions with more “exotic” members of the party. Although not part of his official job Novak would still be very curious about other the PC’s cultures and religions.
    To better accomplish his job he is remarkably tolerant for the times. Outwardly enough of a practicing Catholic to deter any suspicious of heresy he is never the less very willing to discuss and even debate the merits of different Gods and values systems… all the while extoling the virtues of God’s messenger on Earth – who is the Pope of course.

    Other Notes:

    Presently none. I’m certain this will develop over the course of the game.

    Anyway, that about sums it up. Any questions PM me and we’ll work it out.
  8. Fingon
    Ethnicity: Same thing as race at this point in history yes? Mayhaps even more important since race as we understand it really didn’t exist yet.

    In the European nation states it was often the same, increasingly so as you went west and north, but it wouldn't have been uncommon to have Italian Berbers, or Romani Frenchmen, or Serbian Croats, and so on. Think of Shakespeare's Othello--he was a different race, but still considered a fellow national.

    Indeed, once we move outside of the homogenized European nation states, you see a lot of racial and ethnic blending inside the same state. The Ottomans had several races and dozens of different ethnicity in their borders. Or think of the New World colonies.

    Granted, the concept of race as we understand it today didn't exist at this time, but I still think this is a pertinent distinction.
  9. DangerD
    I've edited my post a bit
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