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Magic - does a mana system make more sense to you?

  1. Willy
    One of the early problems I had with old school D&D was the memorization of spells. You memorize fireball, but when you get to the big boss in his library full of books and scrolls, you really want a different spell....

    A quick way around this is to use mana points. 1st level spells cost a point. 2nd level spells 2, 3rd level 4, 5th level 8 and 6th level 16. The character adds up the points for their character's level.

    For example, a 7th level cleric in the standard rules gets 3 first level spells, 2 second level spells and 2 third level spells. In a mana version this would be 3*1 + 2*2 + 3*4 = 19 mana points. The cleric with great wisdom might cast 16 cure light wounds, or 4 cure diseases.

    This method makes spell casters more flexible with their casting, and takes up less time preparing spells before the day.

    Anyone try this with DD?
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