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Fort Worth Role Players Group

  1. Clay
    Bull & Bush
    2300 Montgomery Street
    Fort Worth TX 76107
    It's a small pub just north of I-30 on Montgomery. (on the left if you are going north)

    D&D 4.0, all, I'll have my books with.

    URL's of note:
  2. Engar
    Hello all, I am going to take a shot at organizing a new group for D/FW South (I am in Cedar Hill). I moved here about 6 months ago from IL where I was part of a long time group of old friends and roleplayers. My experience organizing a group of strangers is limited, but if you have a local interest please visit the campaign post ( to join me for a game!

    Thanks for looking!
  3. MooNinja
    Are either of these groups still active ?
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