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Here Comes the Sun: Experimental Modern One Shot Risus Adventure
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Here Comes the Sun: Experimental Modern One Shot Risus Adventure

  1. jpatterson
    This is the lead-in to a one-shot adventure probably using the free Risus system since it's not a specifically combat-oriented system. It is about a group of friends gathered at the town outskirts of one of them for a "Solar Storm Party".


    Rob - economics guru for consulting firm
    Karen - Rob's childhood friend/neighbor
    Emily - Psych Intern; Trey's estranged GF
    Trey - advertising demographerics, homeowner, college friend of Rob and Karen
    White Veil, Colorado. Thursday, October 2, 7:13 PM

    "Tonight's the night," remarks Rob, coming into the spacious living room from the kitchen, carrying a glass of red wine, passing in front of Karen, who flips her long blond hair back as she shifts in the padded leather sofa to pull her feet out of his path.

    "Well, that IS why we're here," replies Emily with good-natured sarcasm as she sits back in the exquisite varnished rocking chair. She pulls a package of cigarettes from her small black purse, then seeing a disapproving look from Trey, puts back and exhaling in frustration and shaking her somewhat wild red hair.

    Trey, smooth African American face framed by his close-cropped, almost military cut jet black hair, looks back to the news report on television while passive-aggressively semi-whining, "You said you quit. Come on. At least not here, can you do that?"

    The news report on the 50 inch flatscreen mounted on the wall has a red and blue headline background superimposed over stock footage of solar flares on the sun from last year. The dropshadowed white block text declares "Massive Solar Storm, Oct. 2, 2014", and an older male Asian scientist narrates over the footage.

    "There are no historical records of the last solar storm of this magnitude - it may possibly be found, arguably, in ancient texts such as those Babylonian records stating the sky caught fire and at first, the world was assumed to be ending, and many people were permanently blinded looking up into that sheer brilliance. This storm has the potential, from all indications, to be doubly or even more powerful than the previous one. I'm not saying it *will*, but it has the capability, if, somehow, horribly, all the criteria for its position and discharge are fulfilled, to cause catastrophic destruction on the Earth - possibly, though this is a long shot, bringing the end of the world."


    You'd make a character associated in some way to the characters mentioned above, and to each other, even if it's just "friend of a friend", and then the game starts!

    1. Divide 10d6 between 3 or more Cliches
    -- Cliche 1 must be a Profession or Role. Some examples are given below.
    artist, astronaut, banker, biker, bimbo, chef, computer geek, con, gambler, gangster, geezer, kid, librarian, mechanic

    2. Other Cliches may be Professions, Hobbies, or General Personality Traits/Abilities. Examples are given below.
    sports nut, WWII hobbyist, spoiling for a fight, supermom, haggler, gleaming the cube, genius

    TN -- Example
    5 -- cinch/snap (over 83% success on 2D)
    7 -- routine (58% success on 2D or 91% on 3D)
    10 -- professional challenge/entertaining or clever (63% success on 3D)
    12 -- veteran challenge (38% success on 3D or 76% on 4D)
    15 -- heroic challenge/really inventive or tricky (16% success on 3D or 44% on 4D)
    20 -- master challenge; near superhuman, top practitioner, ie athlete, scientist, etc (5% success on 4D)
    30 -- superhuman challenge; throwing a motorcycle
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