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D&D 5E

  1. Deneir
    LFGS only runs Pathfinder games. Looking for some players to get a 5E campaign going. I live in Central Florida. If there's anyone nearby willing to host a game I would be perfectly willing to try my hand at DM'ing. Message me if you're interested. Thanks for reading!
  2. SummerEvening
    Sent you a message - need to get a copy of the actual book myself, but totally willing to try running/playing some 5E, looks like fun!
  3. Deneir
    Budget is tight at the moment, but I'm hoping to get my hands on the PHB soon. I'm planning on buying the Starter Set next week though since it's pretty cheap. Good way to jump right in and get a feel for the new mechanics. I'm still learning so I'd be happy to lend you the Module Book so you can run The Lost Mine Adventure. Hopefully I'll see you next week at our FLGS!
  4. SummerEvening
    Yeah, I have the free rules and have been reading through some of the others. Want a hard copy. Been kicking a few ideas around in my head for some campaign stuff, want to see how people feel about certain things, and if they'd like to play in an established setting or create a new one, stuff like that.
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