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The Queen of Blood: The adventure so far

  1. wizarddog
    The Queen of Blood

    The Queen of Blood is a pathfinder home brew campaign. The plot centers on the premise that player characters have awaken on an island that they have been living for over a year with but with no recollection of how they arrived and why they are there. The crux of the adventure is the players trying to figure out how to get off the island and solving the mystery of how, why they were brought their in the first place and what purpose the island serves. All the while, they must participate in a ritual to give homage to the Blood Queen, a mystical matriarch all of the creatures on the island are indebted to.

    The game style is mostly heavy role play and problem solving with challenging combats that do not always seem balanced. The atmosphere of campaign is gritty and dangerous where players must make questionable moral choices in order to survive. In addition, there are several mechanics that allow players to change up the narrative to make it dynamic. The game uses fast progression advancement and is designed to take players into epic level.

    One year ago
    The Stench of Death
    The party comes together at the design of one Milly, an elderly lady (PC) who has inherited the ship "The Sea Cat" in the port of a small fishing town called Cold Harbor. The former relative Sheraton Hosworth died five years prior from suspicious causes. The ship is a derelict but still retains one crew member, a native Ilquot known as Ishataught who his loyal companion for many years. In their stay they witness a gruesome from the notorious Barnabis, a cursed obese wahaler who has been brought back to life to seek revenge on the crew of the Narwhale. Barnabas and Sheraton had been privy to the Harbor Master Darby and the Captain of the Narwhale under reporting their over fishing which is outlawed due to Ilquot custom. Barnabas was murdered horrible in the sea while Sheraton's death was staged as an accident as he investigated his informants fate. The Ilquoat spirits, now angered, raised Barnabas as a vengeful spirit and the players manage to stop him and set everything right. As reward, the people fixed Milly and company'ys ship and Milly finds a diary and map of Sheraton's last voyage.

    Island of Frost


    Two Months Ago
    During the characters missing year, they have been doing craftsmen’s jobs as a member of a community in the village of Castile. Castile is a strange walled village with only 43 inhabitants and no children while some animals in the village are able to speak. Each of the inhabitants has a particular job in the village, for example, the blacksmith, the tanner, the jeweler, etc. The villagers spend their day trading tallies for services and making exquisite works of art the impeding blood moon, where the inhabitants present their objects to Blood Queen, cash in their tallies, and partake in orgy to renew their creative tantric energy. Servicing the villagers is a group of individuals known as the masks and veils who provide sexual services to the inhabitants.

    In the first month of the “awakening”, the characters have been haunted by dreams that seem to reveal comings and goings in the village. At first, they seem just coincidence, but soon the players discover that these dreams reveal information to them that can be useful. During their stay they have also befriended a strange talking cat called Silversheen, who claims to be able to come and go through the island. Another force that they have heard of is a humanoid called Gallion, who seems to have the ability to stop time, though has only appeared to a few characters. Surrounding their dreams is also the mystery of an individual of the island, Sylvia Brown the gardener, who had disappeared from the village prior to their arrival and by virtue of the 43 inhabitant limit, is still alive. These events have seemed coincide with their arrival but currently remains part of the mystery.

    Determined to leave the island, the players learn they can appeal to the Blood Queen if they past several trials to gain an audience. In the first month, the players scrambled to finish their gifts to the Blood Queen before the Blood Moon, uncertain of their fate if they did not comply. The group managed to negotiate with a talking giant claim to gain a large black pearl for the Haqua the pearl diver and retrieve a magic net in an old wreck for fisherman Jerod’s small boat. (see The Sea Beds of Old Diablo and The Fishing waters of Jerod). After appeasing the ghost of an avenging spirit of the grounded ship St. Jackdaw; by slaying the village butcher Sephias, the group ventured into the sea caves. (see Wreck of St. Jackdawl).

    One Month ago
    The group managed to past the Trial of Fire after discovering a portal in an ancient troglodyte temple in the sea caves (See temple of the Frog and the Trial of Fire). Additional information has been revealed to them on other sites and they learn that the village of Castile is bit one of many villages that once inhabited the island. These temples hold the key to portals to other trials they must complete.

    Despite that information, the players have been caught up in crisis at the island when a rampage of ghoulish sheep invaded the village, killing several inhabitants.(See Night of the Ghoul Sheep).

    The characters manage to stop a foul ritual that would have opened a portal to another plane. Who set up this ritual remains a mystery. With the village decimated, and the Blood Moon coming again half of characters sets off to find the rests of their party who went with a group of visiting seamen, one who was the lost husband of one of the villagers Orlal. The seamen claimed to have a ship to take them off the island. The other group realize it was a trap set up by dangerous shape changers, and quickly formed a rescue party to go after them(See Seawolf Infiltration). Following the trail, they encountered an island on the west coast inhabited by three horrid beings known as “The Sisters.”(see Shatterhull Island).

    Surviving and rescuing some players in the Hags island, the PC's discover information of three potential sites that may have trials to go to. When they awake from a rest they find a month has past and the mysterious benefactor, Gallion, reveals himself to them. He was responsible fro bringing them to the island in order to find Sylvia who is part Nempharilm and carrying very powerful child in her womb. Gallion need to infiltrate the island to find her and recruited the PC's by modifying their memories so they could come to the island willfully and with no suspicion by the agents of Castile.

    Knowing that following Sylvia will have them do the trials, they set off to Crowyl, a place recurring in their dreams to track her down. Crowyl, once a magnificent treetop village is found to be completely covered in webs and the inhabitants had somehow decided to die in their sleep 800 years ago. (see Crowyl). In this village they realize the next trial, the Trial of Dreams, is here as well.(See The Trial of Dreams).
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