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Play Thread 1/30/2014: The Lion of Ninn
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Play Thread 1/30/2014: The Lion of Ninn

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  1. jpatterson

    The Lion of Ninn (Jan 30, 2014)

    This is the play by post Play Thread conclusion for the adventure The Lion of Ninn.

    S6/E19: The Beast Unchained
    Airdate: Jan 30, 2014
    Setting Date: Oct 4, 1612

    Benjamin Bratt

    "Last time, on the Path of Solomon Kane..."

    The Wanderers returned from the last lion attack, having tracked a Kaldii priest back to a dusty, seemingly abandoned building in the southern quarter of the Assyrian city of Ninn, but which turned out to be a secret temple used by the Kaldii priesthood.

    After engaging in a room-to-room series of fights with priests of the Kaldii and their fanatical Elamite devotees, the Wanderers descended a set of stairs into a huge, open, natural cavern below the foundation of the makeshift temple, and thwarted a last-ditch attack attempt by another Elamite, sending him over the edge to his death in the black depths some 30 yards down.

    Opening Scene

    You stand at the brink of a precipice that falls away mere feet in front of you, descending roughly ninety feet to presumably hard earth, from the sound the Elamite Night Fang made when his body struck it at the end of his fall.

    Agl-2 test using ropes that have been anchored into the narrow ledge to descend the almost sheer cliff to the dark cavern floor, for anyone that wants to delve into the darkness. Anyone not going will be assumed to simply be "standing by" if you do not post any specific actions.

    Important Links:
    Introduction and How to Play
    Rolling Dice

    Deadline: Jan 2, 2014, 11:59 PM

  2. Lazarus
    Mortdechai looked over the edge of the precipice and turned to his faithful companion Fortune.

    "Looks like you are going to have to stand guard here Old Fellow. We won't be gone long."

    Facing the other Wanderers he smiled.

    "This will either go very well or very bad."

    Turning back to the cavern, Mortdechai tugged on the rope a couple times to ensure it would bear his weight and started to climb. Almost immediately, some of the facing of the cavern gave way and caused Mortdechai to slide alarmingly until he managed to tighten his grip on the rope and stopping his terminal fall.

    "Ventre Saint gris! It is a good thing I have on gloves or I'd be missing a fair bit of skin right now."

    Finding an outcrop to push off from, Mortdechai managed to climb the rest of the way down without incident.

    Agility d10-2, Wild d6, roll = 2 and 0




    Agility d10-2, Wild d6, roll = 2 and 4 Ace on the d6, second roll = 1, Net result 5


  3. Auxruul
    Watching Mortdechai disappear straight down into the black, Felix found himself envious of Fortune's guard position. No longer able to make out who he had been looking down at, his eyes shifted back up to find the Cathayan that had been following him. There had been two of them, that bravely fought the lion and the assassins at the quarry, at least one of them too bravely. A thought crossed his mind, certainly not for the first time, "that's what bravery gets you."

    He had little understanding of what those five saw in him, that they would feel compelled to accompany him away from their homes and into increasing danger. Were they all so blind to not see such obvious cowardice? At any rate he had seen enough bravery from this one for now.

    "You should wait here and look after Fortune," he advised. Though what he really meant was for Fortune to look after him.

    From below came curses and commotion as Mortechai fumbled with the rope. The word coming up that the only harm done was to the pads of his gloves somehow didn't quell the anxiety the event had incurred for Felix.

    "Must the path always be a downward one, down into the dark Earth below? Well, it's best I get this over with now," Felix decided, going to the rope next. "Fight my fear of dark before I catch a fear for heights." He tried not to look down too frequently as he descended into the pit, which held ample fear for both.

    Agility d12-2, Wild d6-2, roll = 9


    Notice d4-4, Wild d6-4, roll = -1

  4. Grimmshaw
    Sorcha allows Mortdechai a chance to descend into the blackness and then takes hold of another of the ropes and begins her descent knowing it is her obligation to stand with the one man who has stood with her.


    1d12.open(12);1d10.open(10) → [8] = (8)
    1d12.open(12);1d10.open(10) → [3] = (3)
  5. awesomesause
    "I have a feeling that I could try and take Fortune down with me, though having a trusty companion guard the entrance would also be reasonable"

    As Gabriel sees the others making their way down a narrow rope contraption he is glad that he has magic. Taking his time (and several attempts if needed) he casts fly upon himself so he can put off learning a new dice rolling site for another week. He takes his friend's feelings in mind and refrains from moonwalking down the side of the wall as they struggle with the rope.
  6. jpatterson
    "Wait for... uhh..." says Dorian as he bends to grab a rope and places one foot over the ledge, but falls to one knee as his vision darkens momentarily. Mortdechai looks up anxiously past the descending Sorcha at the drifter at cliff's edge, and Gabriel
    considers returning to make sure Dorian doesn't fall.

    Sorcha mutters an obscure Scottish curse and partly turns around in her descent to fix Dorian with a stare. "You've been poisoned, twice, with concentrated snake venom, you dullard - you're in no condition to make this sort of a climb down, or back up, and I'm not going to be carrying you. Stay up there and rest near the doorway and guard against any more of those sneaky cult bastards. All it takes is one of them to cut these ropes and even if we make it down, we'll never be able to get back up!"

    Dorian bristles at being relegated to what he sees as a "safe" role, but must admit to himself the Scot is probably right, as his vision slowly returns, thoguh he still feels lethargic. Fortune cocks his massive head at an angle as he regards Dorian and emits a soft inquisitive whine. The drifter sighs and yells down, "On second thought, I think I will stay up here for now. If things get exciting, I'll just leap from here onto the back of whatever it is - that's more my style". He stands and joins Fortune near on the bottom step of the hidden temple, as the others secretly admit a bit of gratitude for his uncommon sensibility.

    As the Lord Knight of the Merchant Adventurer's Guild, the Lady of Scotland and precede Felix von Ivarsen down the cliff, and Gabriel effortlessly drifts downward alongside them with a touch of an arrogant smile, the cliff turns out not to be as sheer as it seemed, but gradully slopes outward toward what is presumably the center of the cavern, though the distance at which it does so still makes a fall quite fatal.

    Almost a hundred feet down, the ropes seem more and more worn with each yard, but finally, about a dozen yards from the bottom is a dimly visible light-colored mound of debris. As the Wanderers move closer, they see a horrific result of some dark ritual, with black, barbed chains driven into the earth, constricted around a full, bleached white skeleton of a large creature, identifiable with little trouble as a great cat such as a lion.

    The bones are etched and marked with various sigils and painted areas, and inscribed with what appears to be ancient Arabic and other text and occult ciphers. Gabriel's jaw clenches as he nears the blasphemous creation. The chained mound of bone appears to be enveloped in a dark, shifting cloud of inky blackness that wriggles and casts swirling ebony tendrils about, arcing outward into the air, then plunging back almost defensively or possessively, caressing the imprisoned bones.

    Even Mortdechai feels significant malevolence and wrongness emanating from the bound bones, and also feels, though perhaps he imagines it, the ferocity of a wounded wild predator, subdued as though caged by mighty bars.

    Although Gabriel is momentarily distracted by the palpable, almost living menace of this horrific fixture, Sorcha recognizes the ritualistic scripts and colorations to be a combination of dark African spiritualistic rituals and ancient Middle-Eastern occult or mystical runes which date back to potentially the cradle of civilization, with identifiable examples from Babylonian times. All of the markings have a common theme of imprisonment, domination and control, suggesting the intent of binding the spirit of the great beast under the power of the individual or group that performed the infernal rite.

    Gabriel spends moments focusing his mind, summoning the arcane energies within himself, as the others gather around the grisly spectacle of the chained bones. The Magister finally feels he is ready, and steps forward, making mysterious passes before him with his hands, gesturing toward the shackled and runed skeleton of Kichala. A soft blue glow slowly begins to rise from the top of the bones, coalescing into a translucent form of a lion which seems to stretch slightly as it pulls further upward from the chains. Finally though, the hazy spiritual form's progress is stopped, apparently tethered to the bones themselves by what Gabriel senses to have been a very fell group rite, which merged the cultists' individual mystical abilities into a single, incredibly potent goal, too strong for an individual to break.

    Gabriel sighs. "Hmmm. This doesn't look as if I'll be able to get rid of the magic with only my own. We'll have to decide what we want to do with these bones."
  7. Lazarus
    As Mortdechai looked at the clearly evil relic, he grimaced at the thought of the people that would do such a thing. He listened to Gabriel and shook his head as he replied.

    "I wouldn't know Gabriel, but in the past, we've found burning the bones was usually fairly effective, but this sorcery he far beyond my ken. All I know is, based on that climb to get down here, if this little adventure goes poorly, our escape will be even poorer. I will let you and Sorcha put your heads together on what to do about the bones, I will explore a bit, but I won't go far."

    Putting word to deed, Mortdechai began searching the large chamber, concentrating on locating any doors or hidden passages.

    Notice check d8+2; d6 Wild, roll = 13; 10, Net = 13

  8. Grimmshaw
    Sorcha looks at the pile of bones "Oh what horror you must have been witness to. Tell me... how do we undo the evil that is bound here." She says in an seemingly expectant tone.

    Occult check



    Occult roll: 7

    Then a gleam in her eye as if the bones provided a spark. "If memory serves there one possibility I've come across a few times that involves disposing of the remains a spiritual animal through a ritual burning turning the bones to ash to release the essence to the earth and reestablishing the animal's connection with nature." she says matter of factly.
  9. Gabel
    Dorian slumps down at the top and stairs next to Fortune.

    "Ahhh what i would not give for a drop of alcohol right now" Dorian grabs some jerky from his rations and attempts to give it to Fortune as he keeps watch.
  10. Lazarus
    Fortune lapped up the offered treat before bumping his head against Dorian's side and giving him a look that implied.

    "It will be okay friend of my best friend."
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