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You Guys still interested in playing?

  1. AirRhino
    Hows everyone doing?

    First off, you guys interested in still playing arc of Anima?

    Secondly, when is best for you?

    Thirdly, any software you prefer over another?

    And Fourthly, besides your self know anyone else who like love to play, new or not to the system.

    I would like to be a player, but I can GM a Arc without any issues.

    I'm available pretty much between 6-12PM Eastern (GMT -5) Everyday but Thursday.

    May also be able to grab a few random people as well. But since you have been on this list the longest giving you guys reserved slots.
  2. Martizs
    Hey, i'd love to play if you're still hosting, i have played anima once so i would get the hang of it quickly once again. And it doesnt matter for me what time we play i can adjust :-P
  3. AirRhino
    I'll mark you down. Hoping to get another 4ish players if I'm to DM.
  4. AirRhino
    Looking like I will need to DM. I will guess I'll need to toss up a free forum with info and etc...
  5. AirRhino
    Working on a campaing. Finding a forum site that is free and will function the way I need it to is proving difficult though.,
  6. Martizs
    Hope you find it soon
  7. AirRhino
    Sorry guys life happened and took me out for a while.
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