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In the beginning

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  1. InMediaRes
    The desire to create is spawned of order....

    the desire to destroy is spawned of chaos...

    These principals weave together in the dream...

    That which order brings about, chaos restructures...

    Together, life takes on a form of it's own beyond, far beyond whatever any one being might have thought possible...

    As threads of madness are placed on the loom of reality the young deities have their own hands in the weaving...what was unfurling from the mind of the first spun into something new.

    Dreams became troubled, thought stormed and frothed...and in the slumber...what was serene became convoluted. What was clear became cloudy. What was even became odd. The newborn universe struggled to balance itself, lest it's own momentum tear it apart.

    As though walking down a long hallway, the four beings entered the mind of the first, one by one. Slowly a feeling came over them, of being pulled...not in, or up, or even out. The beings were drawn to a new plane...still spiraling into existence...

    From a swirling of nothingness and intense colours, things began to take shape. First as a single point, then expanding, reality was seen...
  2. Demelza
    High above the fresh dreamworld, in the cold airless void, nothing expands for miles in all directions. Suddenly the black nothing is pierced by a faintly glowing speck. It seems to tear at the emptiness around it, devouring it. The colors of thought stabilise into a multi-hued sphere; the occasional train of thought reaches out of it like a grasping tendril only to to arc, rescind back into the core or drift off to fend for itself.
    It watches half formed ideas roiling below, yet quiet at the distance. Taking in the violently hungering oceans, the occassional stoic peak of rock, and the sprawling lands with their grand chasms and forests. It wasn't real, there was something before. Something more.

    A mind catches attention, shining brightly against the rippling psionic background; the tiny sun moves to investigate.
    Descending from the void, it streaks through the cloudy sky, over the seas, past the foothills of distant metallic mountains rising like giant stalagmites. Deep into the brackish purple forests of glass and silt. A light mist permeates the whole area, generated by the ground occassionally bubbling outwards with escaping gasses from unknown subterranean vents. The earth itself is spongey and moist, littered with shards of shattered glass and jutting spires of crystal blades amongst pale blue luminescent shrubbery and fungoids. The semitransparent bark on the trees appears to move like flowing obsidian where juices pass within, and their lustruous purple leaves form a canopy enshrouding the ghostly blue hues of the ground plants into a perpetual twilight.

    Predatory pack animals with salivating maws of diamond-hard teeth dripping with digestive acids roam steathily, hunting the ungainly long limbed canopy grazers as they drift about aimlessly. Treeclimbing creatures swing from branches overhead and pools of clear solution, rich in dissolved metals, gather into chains of oases. Sounds of leaves rustling from overhead winds, the crinkling of glass straining and the subtle din of running waters are punctuated by the odd geyserous spurt from the earth and melodically travel gently across the landscape.

    Upon approach the cognitive nexus presents itself to the newborn god not as the single mind seen from orbit, but a collective of lesser minds; each contained within a material mortal body. The group coherence is unusual, in that thoughts are subconciously shared and relayed around the group as if they are each part of a larger whole.
    Sinking into the mineral rich earth, the singularity conceals itself and continues observation of this curiousity.
  3. Afflux_001
    A dark cloud forms above the planet, about 3 miles in diameter casting almost pure darkness below it, as if the cloud is giving off darkness. It moves unlike any of the other clouds, somtimes going against the winds other times it follows the winds, moveing as if it was alive watching those below it, but not affecting anything.
  4. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    A large, pure black object constructed of tunnels upon tunnels in a spherical pattern moved towards the planet and began orbiting the world below along with the hundreds of other satellites ranging in size from just a few miles around to ones the size of our earth or mars that were already there becoming just one more object that would appear in the sky occasionally. The creatures aboard had sensed the formation of mass and the energy it emitted and came to gather what they needed from it. The world was new but the universe was not. While this world had formed in miles of void there was matter out beyond that void which had given life to other things. Things that had had time to evolve and weed out mistakes that could be left in by simple manifestation caused by a careless thought. Things that had weathered the storms of thought and change since the dream first started forming while this single point being brought into focus and reshaped they had been forming in the currents as the plane spiraled into existence.

    Most of the satellites were frozen gas and liquids but others were rocks and metal. All of them seemed barren. The entire external surface of the newest satellite was covered in holes only a few times the size of the creatures that were now pouring out of it in droves and moving towards the other satellites. It was black because it absorbed almost all forms of energy and stored it until one of the creatures of the nest needed to draw upon it. Inside it was a maze of tunnels, dead ends and branches are common, and direct routes to anything impossible but the creatures never faltered in their navigation of them. The dark quality made it even more difficult as a wall looked just like any other tunnel and shadows could just as easily be exits as walls as other creatures moving though.

    Inside there are creatures similar to the ones outside each being differed only slightly depending on what their job is. Fabricators are flat and thin and take in the materials brought by the collectors through their body and excrete whatever material is needed most commonly the black building material for the nest. Many of them were being carried towards the satellites by the collectors so that they could being processing as the material was brought back. Workers are spherical with long hair like tentacles as thin as the collectors and work molding the stuff made by the fabricators for the nest and sticking it together with a substance that was perfectly clear and would make diamonds seem talc in comparison. For now they tended things in the nest insuring that the egg layers and the eggs are in the best condition possible. The egg layers look like workers but do not have tentacles and simply take in food and put out eggs which are carried off to various dead ends with in the nest so that the loss of any one group to an attack would be only a minor problem. The collectors consist of a dome shaped main body with long thin tentacles coming out that are capable of getting between molecular bonds like the hairs on a gecko's foot. Any of them can absorb energy and send it back out in whatever form they like, normally the do force to allow them to propel themselves.

    The workers on the outside emitted just enough of a gravitational field to keep the hive in orbit of the planet while the collectors headed toward the satellites. At the center of the object something started to come into existence but they had not noticed it yet for they were far too busy. It hovered between existence and non existence in this place. It was as though it were trying to form and trying not to at the same time but it fortunately could not be perceived even if they had been paying attention for that vary perception would have collapsed it into existence and ended its state as both.
  5. jtguy
    I awoke among the cosmos, in the midst of swirling stars and the pulls of invisible forces. I turned my attention to a swirling mass, a cloud of matter pulling into a sphere. As I watched a large sphere formed, circling about a dull star. Intrigued, I drew closer and set myself onto the surface of this sphere.

    I soon found that the surface could take upon appearances that I imagined--the rocks and sand of the landscape I could shape into different forms and structures of my fancy. But soon I grew bored of shifting sand--there was an ache within me that I could not fill. Yet I had no name for this sensation, which troubled me. The ache filled me with restlessness and I left the waste I had been contented to play in.

    I came to the edge of the waste, past vast mountains, to an area that struck me with a new color. Tall, stationary organisms growing from the surface, covering large swaths of land. And the sound of small creatures traveling and moving about in these living areas. These beings intrigued me--and I sought to approach them. Yet they often fled with shrieks and other sounds of distress.

    One particular creature--a beautiful being with dark brown coating who drank from streams of water and ate the green plants of the valley--haunted me. I approached one day while it was drinking, hoping to touch or contact it. When I touched its back it made such a horrible cry, the sound of “Prreekttt”.

    That is when I took my name--Preekt.

    I retreated to the land where I first tread and formed the sand and stone into my own beings--creatures mimicking those from the green lands that had rejected me.
  6. InMediaRes
    Thought gives birth to form. Form gives birth to perception. Perception reenforces thought.

    As the cycle repeats the pattern becomes more and more intricate. Though once mountains leapt into being with unrivalled ferocity, subtlety took hold. Organisms began to develop more and more intelligence, liquids bored holes deep into the world. With each thought the young deities wove, a new detail was born unheeded by the others...
  7. Demelza
    With the coming of so many lives and thoughts the once peaceful sea of background thought becomes noisy and indistinct at distance; future subjects for study no doubt.

    During the course of investigations conditions become increasingly hostile for the observational subjects. Notes of physical and mental vulnerabilities run amok and escape into the dream without notice. New predators emerge, simplistic but devastating. The existing pack hunters develop psionic camofluage.
    The subjects are forced to retreat deeper into their cave complexes, only to find the new aggressors pursue them even through solid rock. The corpulent floating digestive tracts with proboscis mouths showering dissolving juices create new entrances to the caves to ravenously consume.
    Within the caves new plants grow with bulbous neural structures, any careless enough to pass near one have their very minds crushed, and their bodies shattered by psionic feedback.

    The disparate tribes eventually huddle together to make a last stand in their grand cavern, long used as a neutral meeting ground, their defenses are impressive but primitive. Whilst the leaders convene, opportunity presents itself to the observing entity.
    Swiftly it moves to the leaders, carefully manipulating the minds of the hive en route. A choice is presented but the vote has been fixed. The people accept unification under alien leadership. Shortly the offending stray thoughts are put in check and contained for later analysis.

    Whilst control of the tunnels and caves is one thing however, the packs remain at large on the surface, striking from ambush with ease. The god begins to instruct it's subjects for the return to their forests.

    [Going to post research notes on the subjects later today]
  8. Afflux_001
    The cloud of darkness settles on the planet slowly disappearing revealing a creature from within it. It has body shaped like a human, with the head of a fox, and wings like a dragon. Its body is covered in an almost pure black fur, and the wings a scaly skin that is blood red. It stands almost 10ft tall with a wingspan of 12ft. Its arms are 6ft long with hands that have 7 fingers, the middle 3 have jagged long claws that stick out between them. On the legs from the knee lower is covered in the same Blood red scaly skin, its feet similar to an eagles.
    It scans around it searching for a sick or injured animal. Once finding one it attacks biting into it then jumping into the air flying above it and watching it. The animal convulses and collapse to the ground, its injuries and illnesses heal, and then its body begins to change. It slowly begins to take form of the creature that attacked it but it is half the size of its attacker. The smaller one looks up at its master, giving a simple nod before hunting down more prey always attacking the sick or injured. Speaking through telepathy they make quick work of their prey and a race that started the day off with one, now is a hundred before nightfall.
  9. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    The entity at the center touches every creature in the hive as it convulses into existence feeling their entire make up laid before it and what each part meant. It expands mass and energy from its forming body to alter the section of them in control of intelligence and improves it granting them the ability to act on a plan rather than just on instinct. It expanded to the collectors and fabricators that had already left the nest so that they all had it and they quickly figured out where the ability came from. Each type got some new helpful advantage from their new found intelligence. The egg layers could choose what to give birth to to better maintain the desired workforce. The workers knew strategy and began setting traps for anything that might invade. The fabricators were capable of understanding why things worked and were needed setting the basis for them to learn chemistry rather than simply knowing what was needed and instinctively making it based on what they knew. The collectors used it to better choose what resources to obtain when. The creatures of the hive continue their work absorbing all energy except for the force they that emit to travel. They linked minds to share information like they could only do in the field as the nest material absorbed the energy used to transmit such things and they could too should they choose to. The used to only do it so that each one would be aware of new places as they were found but now they could decided what to bring back first and what could wait and how best to use the materials that they knew of. It knew that making direct changes like that was risky but it was needed for making those leaps. It would continue its work but in the form of eugenics instead of genetic manipulation as much as was feasible. It liked the creatures and wanted to seem them thrive. It did not want to see them destroy everything to do so but it would not hold back from doing so if the other choice was their destruction. While the others down below were going about their work it was spending its time touching the eggs and making minor changes eliminating lines that had failed previously and making modifications to see where they would lead so that the whole hive could advance. The creatures knew this was the the entity that had changed them from what they were and appreciated the fact that it was remaining to continue to help them.
  10. jtguy
    I formed a small companion from the clay and stone of the stretch of land I have been living in. It matched the size and general appearance of the beautiful creature from the valley. It moves and follows me, but is cold to the touch and its face expressionless, but it is functional. It fetches things for me and responds to a name I gave it-Kawn.

    I make occasional trips to the valley, concealing my presence the best that I can, in order to observe the foliage and creatures thriving there. Their processes of hunting and survival intrigue me.
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