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Small gaming group looking for new players in north county San Diego

  1. claudia
    Small friendly gaming group in North county San Diego looking for more players- maybe we could join forces or hook up-

    Our games at present on Saturday ( afternoons or evenings) until December- then we can have them any day. We currently play some RPG's ( Savage Worlds and Pathfinder) but we can and do play every board game including Arkham Horror, Space Hulk, and everything in between. WE are a couple in our mid 50's- have a great huge custom made game table and great beach house- if you are interested in meeting us or attending a game- send me an e mail

    Claudia (and Ian)
  2. mithgonion
    So far I have a small group that meets every Tuesday evening at my apartment. But depending on what happens with my schedule in the next few weeks (new job) I may be able to attend other games. I will try and keep in touch and see what happens. I am definitely interested, it is just a matter of my schedule permitting.
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