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Yeah so about hte Tuesday fail

  1. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    there were too many players. But I realized my limits so no more then 5 players this time would be nice.

    Lucian and Aeval being the most story critical at the moment, and the most loyal though my flopping campaign they have reserved places.

    If any players drop I won't be surprised or have any hard feelings.
  2. Silverblood_Drow
    Running too many Pc's can be frustrating; I know it all too well. Sadly it's more so likely to be me that will not be able to play, I have been recently placed on 3rd shift were I work so i won't be able to play as often any more, well with the exceptions of my days off (Friday & Saturday). However, I would still like to be a part of this game & I hope I can work out something with you & Luke to let me still be a part of it.
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