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KLP: A D&D Campaign Setting: Introduction

  1. Thoroo44
    KLP is a home brew campaign setting. KLP stands for Kingdom of the Lord's Protector. The King of KLP is noted as the Lord. A secret agent is noted to be his protector. The campain's background story is based upon these two NPCs. KLP is a Dungeon and Dragons game world. The setting takes place on one contenent of a planet, a contenent the size of the real world's Sun. The campaign has had thousands of modules. Many cities are named and made after some real life, player's characters, such as Crosston and Porter. The world has it's own races. All characters are gestalt. There are new classes and templates. The panthion of dieties is unique, inovative and enjoyable. The alignment system has special qualities. Even character creation involves a uniqueness, such as starting the campaign getting a hair stylest, a home, family and friends, all in custom cities for each individual character.
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