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Can This H.A.G.G. Fly?

  1. Mark Chance
    For a city as large as Houston, there seems to be a dearth of gamer organizations not affiliated with colleges/universities. Once upon a time, there are ARG-H. I think there might've been a HARP. Maybe there still is. What I'd like is an informal, safe way for Houston gamers to get together once a month in comfortable conditions to relax and enjoy a game and some company. Here're my initial thoughts:


    1. To set up a monthly, beer-and-pretzels sort of game night for gamers in the Houston area.

    2. To recruit volunteers willing to host small groups of people for a few hours once a month.

    3. To recruit volunteers willing to moderate a game for small groups of people for a few hours once a month.

    4. To have fun playing different games with different people.


    1. Volunteers. Duh.

    2. Gamer-friendly venues in which groups could meet since people might not be too keen on strangers coming into their homes.

    3. Discussion in this thread about the pros, cons, et cetera.

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