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Plenty of City Saving Action, Just looking for Saviors

  1. clintsylvania
    Im looking for players in the Greater Toledo Area and even cities just over the Michigan border who are interested in playing the classic Marvel tsr role playing game.
    As stated in the descriptor, there are house rules to obide by but they are not restrictions as they should be limits to maximize everyone's fun. A string of foul language isn't always funny or pleasant to listen to nor is appropriate in the venues who will house us out in public.
    For the people who make the cut: please visit to find the core rule books. Save them to your smart phones, laptops, tablets or whatever have you... the more resources at the table, the better. You'll find this system to be the cheapest game you'll ever play because all you'll need is a chart and d100. The chart can be found on the website.

    What to expect out of this game: I am not a veteran GM for this system but I am not a newbie to it either. Expect us to retell some of the best stories from Avenger history featuring the cast of The New Avengers along with reimagining of some of the newer stories. Since this is a New Avengers setting, I will provide the pre-made characters available to the group, so just bring along a note book for notes or doodles. I would like for us to eventually use miniatures (be they the official tsr cmrpg standies or heroclix). Not last and most important:fun. Isn't that the point? We will do online interactive in the posts thru out the week for those who want it but meet up hopefully once a week at a place most convient for everyone.

    Please contact me via . For the sake of speed and simplicity, its easier that way.
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