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Summary & Expectations

  1. pwcroft
    Campaign Summary

    Fade to Black is set during the Rebellion Era of the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V, and VI). The campaign begins shortly after the Battle of Yavin -- the Imperial Senate has been disbanded, Alderaan has been destroyed, the Death Star has been revealed, and the Rebel Alliance has proven itself dangerously unified.

    The plot of the films paint the overall background of the campaign, but the player characters occupy the spotlight. PCs forge their own destinies, living out their own epic adventures. Perhaps they may even forge a new future for the Galaxy.

    Group Expectations

    1. Player characters are HEROES. They may be scoundrels, but must ultimately have the heart of a hero. Careless or intentional killing of innocents, for example, is not in the spirit of the game. If you want to play a villainous character, this game is not for you.
    2. Be respectful. A successful gaming group requires respect.
    3. Communicate. If you have an idea, a goal, or a complaint, just speak your mind. Open and respectful communication is welcome.
    4. Game sessions typically convene every other Saturday, starting around 2 p.m.
    5. Food contributions are not required, but appreciated!

    Most importantly, have fun! This is a social game, where the point is to enjoy the company of friends. Remember that each player's fun is largely influenced by, and dependent upon, every other player. The best games are when players keep the enjoyment of everyone else in mind.

    Play, or play not. There is no try.
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