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Seeking 2 More Players 3.5 D&D Atlanta

  1. ActionPacked
    Looking for 2 more players to play a new 3.5 D&D, 50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat campaign, weekly over the weekend. We have 4 people. Willing to travel to SW Atlanta suburbia, in-person, medium-sized group. Looking for a good group of consistent players who enjoy D&D. DMs/Players welcome. Aren't afraid to have action included in their games. Enjoy having fun with it. Can hold games at my place or others. Pet-friendly environment (backyard).

  2. eckertjw
    I'll play.... you can email me at Live in center of atlanta so can travel almost anywhere. Love D&D... let me know when you start up.
  3. ActionPacked
    Cool. Sounds good. Looks like we will be starting soon. Will e-mail you the details this weekend. Hoping to officially start within the next few weeks.
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