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Want to build a game setting?

  1. RisingAngel
    Looking for DM's and experienced players to help play-test a new game setting. Lots of work still needs to be done on it so patients is a must and a desire to help build a new world preferred. My schedule is limited and chaotic, but can adjust it to accommodate if we can plan things at least a week in advance. Interested?
  2. jjscuri631
    Hello, My Name is John and I have been a RPGer since the beginning around late 1976. I have played just about any rpg you can think of and Mastered most of them as well. If you are serious I think the challenge of creating a new world setting (that is not the same old things shuffled would be fun and interesting. my email is please contact me directly and we can see what we can do to get started. I am in New York, on Long Island in a small village (pop:200k) called Islandia
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