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General Discussion, Vol. 2

  1. I. J. Thompson
    Man, Dawncaller... you are on fyyahh lately! Amazing art, amazing posts... the muse is visiting?

    And in other news, life imitates art: some part of my shower behind my bathroom wall is flooding the apartment below mine. They're coming tomorrow to bash my bathroom walls down!
  2. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Oh. I didn't do it.
    But yeah, DC, you've definitely been spoiling us lately.
  3. Dawncaller
    Yes, I try and take advantage of the Muse during its sporadic and fickle visits.

    I sincerely hope life doesn't imitate art too closely. If it does, I will stop writing the Owara sequence right now...
  4. I. J. Thompson
    Hoo, boy.
  5. Dawncaller
    Y'aint seen nothin' yet...
  6. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Hmmm. . . Would life imitating art leave me in the sealed compartment filling with water, or waiting around by the phone. . ?
  7. Dawncaller
    Quick! Somebody write some happy stuff! I'm starting to bum myself out...
  8. I. J. Thompson
    Tam... you've changed, man.
  9. Dawncaller
    I know, right? I tried to introduce Doule to act as a Jiminy Cricket, and what does he do? Konks him on the head at the first sound of Fi's name! I have to admit, there is a part of me that is looking forward to wrapping up his story.

    But I also have to admit that there is a part of me that is savoring the moment. Here, finally, is a character that has earned, through more than two volumes of character development, the kind of Level 20 Badass that characters like Koro Bolera presumed to start out with. Granted, he had to go evil to do it, but he got there.
  10. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    You know what? Savour that power. You're the last PC with force powers left. Which is a little surprising, when I think back to how many characters were force sensitive, jedi in hiding, pretending to be a jedi, koro's jedi ghost, and well. . . Koro didn't have force powers per se, but honestly, that didn't stop Vash from writing him as more powerful than any of the other Jedi anyway.
    So, yeah. Enjoy that.
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