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General Discussion, Vol. 2

  1. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    I'd like to help you Gibson, but at the height of my wiki-ing skills I was only painfully mediocre. Actually if you do find a tutorial or something, post it here. There's more pages I really need to work on, and I've rusted terribly.
  2. I. J. Thompson
    Bloody good post, Ice. I always dread writing those, "here, let me tell you everything that happened even though the reader already knows everything that happened" posts, but you pull it off with style!

    I'll come back with some words about wiki-ing when I get off work...
  3. Fingon
    Hey, I may not make it tonight. My family is coming into town and we're going out to dinner. Sorry guys.
  4. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Hey, it's no problem Fingon. Sorry you won't be there, but have a good time with your folks.
  5. I. J. Thompson
    Quick Q: in the second half of my last post, is it clear that I jumped forward in time a bit and had Kroff see Reil and Cali drop Fi, Jyllis, and Mr. Mace off at the Dawncaller, or does that need to be clearer?
  6. Gibson8088
    Not immediately, no, to be honest. Have to backtrack a little to remember they were on one ship before they departed for the Dawncaller.
  7. Dawncaller
    Y'know, in preparation for my next sequence of posts, I've been reading over the early stuff in Volume III. It's always a treat to go back and read highlights like the events on Owara. I really think that all our writers were firing on all cylinders then (not that we aren't now) but we were working together. At some point I really need to get back into a more interaction with you guys! Perhaps that won't happen until after I finish Tam's story and have a new PC, but maybe I'll be surprised and it will happen before.
  8. Gibson8088
    New pc? Your plan is to get rid of Tam at some point?
  9. Dawncaller
    Yeah. From the beginning I always knew his story would have an end, and it's not too far off at this point.
  10. Gibson8088
    Interesting. I'm going to take a guess at Tam's current plan. He's put in motion a set of actions that will get the people who know of Tam Dawncaller to meet in one place?
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