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General Discussion, Vol. 2

  1. Gibson8088
    Yeah, I know it sounds bad the way I put it. It was going to be an incident that happened in the past but after the droid left the group. Tach wouldn't be involved, either. And considering it's involving a PC is why I'm wanting to discuss it, first.

    After some thought destroying the droid won't be necessary. But I am interested in his force-granting crystal as a weirdness magnet.
  2. Gibson8088
    Okay, after giving this even more thought I still want to bring Elayn back and take over the Seresatz Crystal(no Proto's will be harmed in this movie). It deserves more than to be a Dues Ex Machina that gives a droid force powers. Got me an idea of a history of the crystal, an ill-fated purpose and potential problem causing with it; like on a card playing firbil level. That is if you fine people could stand having another force-user among the Tapestry's ranks.
  3. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    I'm still waiting for input from the others before I expand on my thoughts. You have negated most of my concerns however. Unfortunately, until the notifications get fixed, I wouldn't count on rapid responses.
  4. I. J. Thompson
    I just stumbled in on this, gotta think...
  5. Gibson8088
    More than fair, thank you. I appreciate you guys mulling this over with me.
  6. Gibson8088
    Actually, I'm going to stick with my original story and bring Elayn into it.

    Also, wanted to say that July 4th may not be a good chat night for we Americans. On that day we like to throw parties that typically involve drinking and semi-dangerous explosives.
  7. I. J. Thompson
    Ah yes, I see that chat night is landing on the 4th. How would people feel about the 6th, instead? What with the email notification snafu, we might not be able to inform everyone either way, so skipping this month could work, too.
  8. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    But then how will we tell them not to come? This is the problem with the lack of notifications, if we change things either way we risk leaving someone out in the cold. Though maybe if we're really lucky Dc or Fingon will show up to tell us the 4th doesn't work for them anyway. . .
  9. Fingon
    6th would indeed be better.
  10. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Just like that, actually.
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