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Elven Kingdom of Aer Dernei (Wood Elf) - Northern Elven Kingdoms near Rome

  1. Carnis77
    CAPITOL - Treeholme (Wood Elf)

    - Wood elves were the last of the elven subraces to appear on Faerūn, though not through the same method as the other subraces. The wood elves are actually native to Faerūn, the descendants of green elves, silver elves and gold elves who decided to retreat to the deepest woodland areas after the last of the Crown Wars.

    Wood elves (also known as copper elves) are the guardians of the elven forest homes that were mostly abandoned before The Retreat.

    They have coppery skin tinged with green, brown, or hazel eyes. Hair is usually black or brown, and they tend to dress in simple cloths, similar to moon elves cloths but not quite as flashy. They love to wear leather armor, and even when not under threat they like the feel of a well-crafted set of leather. Naturally, they like to dress in browns, but also greens and other subdued colors. They stand as tall as most other elves but are slightly more heavily built.


    King Hilrin Oakenshadow
    Queen Anuriel Oakenshadow
    Prince Nirinel Oakenshadow
    Prince Truisil Oakenshadow
    Princess Gwendirien Oakenshadow

    Lord Captain Moirlnel Leafhunter
    Lord Magus Farendel Quickfinder
    Dargolion Isilielenellyn
    Neurian Aeraeme
    Tanthal Kevatanthar
    Cereōnon Nallren
    Polenassion Galamiel
    Mindirtar Undoron
    Raegdur Dlarandar
    Rildion Kivanas
    Orbaradeth Aerabrinial
    Morohion Rhuinae
    Castien Madhrinmyr
    Ovordur Noroeth
    Maerien Ealosumé
    Neurthas Toratholrin
    Lairelaedur Lassanrin
    Gleinamaeion Gaethar
    Amonion Talethar
    Daryardien Faerondaerl
    Cilion Cromloth
    Edenion Yrauelon

    Wood Elf High Clans:



    Corellon Larethian - Arts, Crafts, Music, War

    Aerdrie Faenya - Air, Weather, Avians

    Deep Sashelas - Creation, Knowledge, Beauty

    - Love, Fidelity, The Young, Play

    Solonor Thelandira - Archery, Hunting

    Fenmarel Mestarine - Feral Elves, Scapegoats

    Hanali Celanil - Romantic Love, Beauty

    Labelas Enoreth - Time, Longevity

    Sehanine Moonbow - Mysticism, Dreams, Far Journeys, Death, Transcendence

    Rillifane Rallathil - Woodlands, Nature, The Elven Forests, Wood Elves
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