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Kragencore - Dwarven Kingdom

  1. Carnis77
    Capital City - Kragen Core

    Nobility and Personalities:

    King Durik Hammerhand -
    High King of Kragencore
    Harlan Hammerhand
    - Clan Thane and Kings Brother

    The Kings Councilors:

    Delk Silverpick
    Tobin Ironbeard
    Aldin Fireaxe
    Brons Fireaxe
    Anvil Goldenhammer
    Bruk Steelshank
    Bomar Silverhold
    Oris Brightmantle
    Karu Battlehorn
    Duren Rockbeard
    Grol Warrenstone
    Rulf Stonehammer
    Ral Greybeard

    (Population is speculated to be around 30,000 Dwarves though they keep their numbers a secret)

    - Thane Harlan Hammerhand

    - Hylar live in fabulous underground cities beneath immense mountain ranges. Mountain dwarves have little interest in the affairs of other races. In fact, most mountain dwarves have never seen a non-dwarf. They are not interested in helping others unless they can be shown that the matter affects them directly. Two other dwarven races are closely associated with the Hylar and often live in the same cities. The Daewar, who are respected fighters, deter to the Hylar's leadership. The Klar are hill dwarves who serve the wealthy Hylar in menial roles. Each thane represents his clan on the Council of Thanes, an organization founded for the purpose of settling disputes and promoting common interests. Seats on the Council are held by representatives of the Hylar, Theiwar, Daewar, Daergar, Neidar, Klar, and Aghar. The dwarves venerate their dead and consider the Kingdom of the Dead to be represented on the council. The High King is chosen by acclamation of the Council and must be ordained by the citizens. Most of the great dwarven kings have been Hylar.

    - Thane Gelt Blackmetal

    - Daewar are the dwarven craftsman. They excel at battle and at metalworking and are considered to be 'good' dwarves as well. Daewar are almost as 'noble' as the Hylar, but they are more concerned with the acquisition of wealth and are usually the merchants of dwarvenkind.

    - Thane Junder Stonesinger

    - The Klar were a clan of dwarves that were one of the original four clans of Kal-Thax. Following the Dwarfgate war the Klar were put into a status of servitude towards the Hylar people. Living as servants for generations caused a burning hatred, which led to their rebellion during the Chaos War. At the moment the Hylar most needed help the Klar were the only clan that fought with the Hylar to prevent the spread of Chaos.

    NEIDAR CLAN - Thane Tarn Bellowgranite

    - Neidar clans form small villages that consist of modest houses of thatch, wood, and stone. Because of their dwarven roots they are excellent miners metalsmiths, and woodworkers. The eldest male serves as clan leader, but most major decisions are made by consensus. Unmarried Neidar often set out on their own, returning to their original clan only occasionally. The Neidar clan system predates the Cataclysm by hundreds of years and, true to tradition, different clans seldom associate with each other. This attitude has not only bred suspicion and a lack of cooperation among the clans; it has also hindered trade and economic development, keeping most clans in relative poverty.

    DAERGAR CLAN - Thane Brag Smokestone

    - Daergar are the counterparts of the Theiwar in much the same way the Daewar are the counterpart of the Hylar. They are the brawn behind the Theiwar brains. However, they are not allies: the Daergar are even more murderous than their Theiwar cousins, and much more prone to physical violence rather than cunning to resolve any given situation. Daergar have established impressive strongholds in the caverns beneath the Kharolis Mountains. Outposts are also rumored to exist elsewhere on the continent. Daergar cities are dark and gloomy. Windowless prison modules and a huge arena where prisoners engage in bloody combat for the amusement of the citizens dominate a typical Daergar city.

    DEWAR CLAN - Thane Varik Wrathsteel

    - Not to be confused with their Daewar cousins, the Dewar are a third group of 'dark' dwarves. They live in caverns where the other clans refuse to live. The Dewar were exiled because of their insanity; and now after years of isolation it has become that much more pronounced (in fact, those deemed 'sane' are shunned). The Dewar excelled at killing and at cruelty, and are quick to anger.

    These dark dwarves dwell deep and have often been shunned by other mountain dwarves for their insanity and actions during the Dwarfgate War. They live in dark communities and often are isolated from the rest. The Dewar does not have a seat among the Council of Thanes and the system of government they use is unknown at this time.

    THEIWAR CLAN - Thane Esrik Coldhammer

    - The Theiwar dwarves are one of the races of dark dwarves. Known for the conniving and scheming they are often plotting to overthrow the Hylar and rule Thorbardin themselves. Theiwar are always looking for ways to further their own self-interests. Living in their dark dwellings Theiwar form communities that are often unlighted. A Theiwar is easily distinguishable from other dwarves because of their paler complexions and larger eyes. The Theiwar are also a clan of dwarves who have come to use magic. While most dwarves mistrust or hate magic, the Theiwar have embraced the art.

    AGHAR CLAN - Thane High Bulup Bluff

    - Aghar communities are quite small. Most clans live in abandoned villages or in the wilderness in old mines or caves. Others live in slums, refuse dumps, or the sewer systems of large cities. When several clans live together, the strongest and cleverest becomes the local king, whose title is produced by adding the prefix "High" to his clan name. Each successive king often calls himself "the first" owing to the Agar's inability to count.

    Gully dwarves believe magical items are useless because other races put their magic into them. To gully dwarves, the most powerful items are those that do nothing at all. Objects such as old bones, rotten fruit, fur balls, and bent sticks are treasured and venerated. The clan's shaman keeps these "holy relics" and administers their use.
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