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Victoria Province Updates

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  1. Carnis77
    Population Stats as of FEB 2012 or FEB 2382 of the Roman Calendar:

    You have had a gigantic influx of immigrants - some are even Greek and Egyptian. Some because it's a new frontier Province, some because you have a Green dragon as a sponsor, some because the Emperor has you in favor, some because your economy is booming with work for those who have none, and finally - for many -it's a place where a family can start over with a land grant for farming. Your initial population were the survivors of the last invasion- fighters and survivalists. Many of the new ones are the adventurous, fearless, and bold.

    VICTORIA - Population of capital + 30000

    Duke Maethal
    Baron Mistrl
    Baroness Galliena
    Baron Anthor
    Baron Danlin


    Taris Singulari
    Quintus Singulari
    Romus Singulari
    Lionus Singulari
    Foris Singulari
    Bortus Singulari
    Darius Singulari
    Gallus Singulari
    Patris Singulari
    Ullric Singulari

    Senior Elven Ranger Sirilon

    Hunt Master Grol - Carnem Palace Guards force - 200 Carnem
    Ambassador Jacob - Carnem Ambassador

    Galen and Maeve - Lords High Druids of the Great Forest


    Corina Endera - Aes Sedai Ambassador - Blue Ajah

    Ellienna Dunovian - Aes Sedai - White Ajah
    Sumi Corvia - Aes Sedai - Yellow Ajah
    Gala Morsovi - Aes Sedai - Green Ajah
    Juno Wearenien - Aes Sedai - Grey Ajah


    Ambassador Tresslin - Moon Elves
    Ambassador Coreen - High Elves
    Lord Vol -Vampire Emissary
    Ambassador Brandik - Dwarves


    CPT Timus Minister of Defense / Regent

    Minister Vallus Minister of Finanace and Trade
    Minister Vargus Minister of Roads
    Minister Severus Minister of Engineering
    Minister Sirus Minister of Agriculture
    Minister Janus Diserus Priest of Jupiter and Minister of the People


    Master Kilgore Master Blacksmith

    Master Alerion Master Artisan
    Green Dragon Inn Master Colby
    Jurins Tavern Master Jurin
    White Hart Inn
    Coopers Inn
    Wayward Travelor Inn
    Elven Redoubt Inn
    Halflings Holme Inn
    Tillers Inn
    Herdsmans Holme Inn
    Crafty Carnem Inn
    Muris Fur Traders
    Anders Leathers
    Lady Atagos Salon
    Traders Market

    (Currently has 14 Priests, 20 Acolytes, and 15 Paladins)

    Minister and High Priest Janus Diserus

    Priest Vilerius
    Priest Nibold
    Priest Yurik
    Sir Remus - Captain of the Paladin Guard
    Sir Jereth
    Sir Cassius
    Sir Erimus

    TEMPLE OF THE LADY: (Under construction - will have a Hospital, Labs, Library, Cloister, and Cathedral)
    High Priest Mistrl




    Tribune Marius Cohort CDR
    Tribune Quintus
    Tribune Magica - 2 Wizards
    Tribune Timus
    Senior Tribune Medica 3 Water Crafters
    Centurion Jamis Legion Engineers 8 Earth Crafters
    Centurion Erinson Legion Scouts / Rangers 20
    Centurion Verendiel Elven Rangers 15

    - Population+ 15000


    Boslo Villiage
    Magister Luko

    Radick Villiage
    Magister Vox

    Voslo Villiage
    Magister Varick

    Tibold Village
    Grand Meister Torson
    Mistress Ladia
    Son Malik
    Girlfriend Helga

    Hossein Villiage
    Magister Tuthir

    Jedlick Villiage
    Magister Edrig

    - Population+ 7200
    Narl Holdt

    Lord / Warmaster Narl - Carnem Leader
    Huntmaster Vrog
    High Blood Priest Grol

    HALFLING REGION: - Population+ 6500

    Lord Javrim Farfoot - Halfling Leader
    High Priest Burkle of Yolanda

    - Population+ 65000
    Timus Holdt

    Lord Timus Roman Civilian Leader
    Lady Neria
    Priest Janus Diserus

    Magister Corpo

    Magister Sullus


    Magister Amus


    Magister Quintus

    Magister Darius

    Magister Farnus

    Magister Pontius

    Vordarian Holdt:
    - Population+ 7000

    Lord Svinmarik Molegrin Vordarian - Gnome Leader
    High Priest Govwick Brendemarsh Pathidos of Gond

    Thol'Marin Wood:

    Vergitrix Green Dragon
    Simerian Green Dragon
  2. mistrl
    I wish to build a hospital/ temple area for the province and the lady. This would include teaching/ learning areas for both medical and clerical domains, meaning mundane and magical practices for healing (lotsa herbs and potions ^.^) but also teaching clerics how to whoop undead ass ect.
    Also to offset running costs i would have them set up crafting for wands/staffs/potions for both use and sale.

    So what would the damage be for such a project?
  3. Carnis77
    Cheap but functional = 45,000 (made of stone)
    Functional stone with all the trimmings = 70,000
    Gothic extravagant with all the trimmings and lab = 125,000
  4. mistrl
    ill take the 125k option =o, maybe some extra for some stone or wood crafters?
  5. mistrl
    and ill fund it personally aswell =o
  6. Carnis77
    If you hire Wood and Stone crafters it will be a stronger building and more elaborate.
  7. mistrl
    woot! definately hired then
  8. Carnis77
    I'll leave it to you to draft the floor plan of your great Temple/Hospital
  9. Carnis77
    It took 6 months to get the entire Star Elf Temple moved to your Province and reestablished stone for stone in the southern forest area of your region. It was placed in a wooded area that was once declared Star Elf territory according to the Baelnorn that came with it.

    Information on the great enemy he warned you against is sketchy but it amounts to a race named the Posleen. They resemble Centaurs only lizard like and are largely stupid except for their leaders -the Kesantai who are very smart, very tough, and very elite as warriors. The Kesantai are well armed and ride flying magical discs called Tennar. They also have wizards called Kessanault. They mostly have battle spells and very few that they use repeatedly. They are a conquest race that have zero interest in joint species accommodations.

    The Baelnorn agreed to this moving of his temple and peoples wealth if you could bring his exiled race back to the world. This is your pact with the Baelnorn and you all have a Geas placed upon you for it.

    The new temple location has no security around it besides the Baelnorn and it's few spirit warriors. You may want to consider a garrison just in case since there is a gateway in the temple leading to a potentially world threatening race.
  10. mistrl
    OK, I tried to post this on the board, but lost my username and password, and can't find a way to retrieve it online. sigh. so anyway, while awaiting a reply from customer service there, I figured I'd just email this instead.

    it's been 6 months, right? So I was wondering what was the updated status on the things that were going on while we were off retrieving the Star Elf stuff? Don't want to tackle the Posleen, only to find out something mysterious has munched all our Carnem or the Greeks have conquered us or something. so what, if any, are the developments with 1) the Greek hoplite sightings? 2) the Dwarven defensive moves? 3) the Aes Sedai movement into our territory? 4) the disappearances in the Carnem community? 5) the rebuilding of the Calare family? what, if anything, do we know about these various topics?

    Also, I am not sure if anyone said this, but we should definitely have some sort of defenses around the portal. don't need Posleen sneaking in and eating us.

    Looking forward to the game!

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