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Character Creation
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Character Creation

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  1. Dragonfly
    Hey Jase,

    I think the problem is that we are talking about IMMUNITY. Not resistance, but absolute IMMUNITY. For game balance purposes, that needs to be expensive. It's an important power for emulating certain characters. The Human Torch, for instance, should be immune to fire. To have absolute immunity to all kinetic attacks, however, is simply too broad. If its going to exist in the game, it needs to cost far more than 3d. I think 12d is about right!

    That being said, I don't recommend it for G.I. Ant. Indeed, the fact that you see him getting more resistant to damage the smaller he gets suggests that he should probably purchase Armor instead. I'd give him one rank of Armor per rank in Size Change with the Complication: One Rank Per Active Level of Size Change. This will work for ALL damage, including kinetic and fire attacks. If you need for him to be more susceptible to certain types of damage (say, electricity) you can give him an additional Complication on the Armor (Doesn't Apply to Electrical Attacks).

    Can he survive a tank shell with this? Yes. He stands a very good chance of totally shrugging off a tank shell with say 4d in Armor. A bad roll might see him get a little battered, but not much.

    Also, I'd try to make the powers as proportional as possible. If he has 5d of Shrinking, try to give him 5d of Super Strength so that something happens with his Strength at every level of Shrinking. It could be 3d of Strength, if you want to do every OTHER level, but I'd go for a 1 to 1 ration on both the Strength and the Armor if you can work it out "point" wise.

    Let me know what you think.


  2. Beolvine
    Okay, that sounds right. If I can put these as two complications: Only when shrunk, Can only use one rank per active rank in shrinking; then I have 1D left over that I can boost Super Strength to 5D max. If that second one can be applied to Super Strength as well, then I can put another die into Super Leap and it matches up up as 1D Super leap for every odd D of Shrink, ie. Shrink 1D - Super leap 1D; 3D - 2D; 5D - 3D. How does that work?

    The build would look like this:


    Composure 2D
    Fortitude 2D
    Reaction 2D
    Will 3D


    Athleticism 2D
    Fighting 2D
    Streetwise 2D

    Powers (12D total)

    Armor 5D (-2D, Only when shrunk, Can only use one rank per active rank in shrinking)
    Size Control 5D (-1D shrinking only) - shrink to 4 1/2 inches
    Super Strength (16 tons max) 5D (-2D, Only when shrunk, Can only use one rank per active rank in shrinking)
    Super Leap 3D (-1D only when shrunk) 30' high, 200' long

    Ad: Tolerance
    Disad: Enemy (Riesenmann)
  3. Dragonfly
    Hey Jase,

    That's just about right. I don't, however, think that BOTH Complications should apply. Just use "Only One Die Per Die of Size Change Active". It feels a little like double dipping otherwise.

    That being said, keep the powers at the levels you've assigned. It fits well for the character. I'll allow everyone to make 25D characters. That should give you 3d more to play with. You might want to consider a few more Aptitudes (Shooting for a soldier?) OR you can save the 3d to use as Competency Dice later.

    Fair enough?

    How about the rest of you? Send along your builds!


  4. Beolvine
    Right-O. I had thought about giving him Shooting aptitude, as you sa he is a soldier. I figured he was better at Fighting, and a 1D in Shooting would have to do. So a +1D to Shooting; +1D to Fortitude, and +1D to Presence (taunting, leadership ability, etc.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Interlude to get into the spirit of things
    Grant and the Lieutenant looked up as the Colonel entered the tent, a sour expression on his face. "C Company, what's left of them, just dragged themselves back in. According to reports, Reich Stag is out there..." the Colonel said. Grant didn't hesitate, merely grabbed his helmet and headed for the tent flap.

    "Where are you going?" the lieutenant asked, incredulous. "Didn't you hear him?" Grant turned to look the lieutenant in the eyes.

    "I suddenly had a hankerin' for venison," he said simply.

    "BUt Reich Stag has a dozen heroes hanging from his antlers! yoou can't go after him alone."

    "Lieutenant, I am something of a Western omelet. I got white, red, brown and black man's blood running through my veins," Grant said, Then he squinted his eyes, and added, "But I ain't got no yeller." Turning to the Colonel, he said, "Tell the boys it's venison for dinner, Sir." Then he was gone in a salute...
  5. Dragonfly
    Reich Stag? REICH STAG!!?? In the words of the late, great, Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle, "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" LOVE it! Jase, Grant Walker cracks me up. For some reason, I'm also getting an Aldo Raine vibe off of him! :-)

    Good show!

    C'mon, folks. Join in the character making fun. We've still got a short while before Dan gets set up, but I'd like to get you guys taken care of by then.


  6. Beolvine
    I haven't seen Inglorious Bastards, but I'll take that as a compliment. Sort of. But, yes. He has rough edges. When he gets older (if...) the term used to describe him will more likely be 'crusty.'
  7. Kingboffo
    I am working on mine - My initial idea is a little similar to Jason's (no shrinking - but super Str & Leap) so Im going with one of two alternate versions I thought of - I want to write a short background first before I post the character stats.

    Jase, you should see Inglorious Basterds - it is Glorious.
  8. NotQuiteClara
    Sorry I've been out of touch, I was out of town all week and not online too much. Here's my basic concept (I can't find the copy of Supers I downloaded before I left, so I'm not sure how to assign dice - I'm sure I'll find it soon and sort out the details!)

    Joe Steel


    Fighting (hand-to-hand)

    Armor (skin)
    Elemental Form (Steel) Complication: cannot appear human
    Super Strength

    Power Boosts:
    Tough Defense


    Public ID

    Most people know Joe Steel as a sort of real-life patron saint for steel workers. Born in an iron-ore mine and raised in a furnace, Joe was literally a man made of steel. His super strength was legendary; he could stir vats of hot steel with his hands and twist iron ingots into any shape he desired. But besides being incredibly strong, Joe was respected for his character he was brave, generous, and self-sacrificing. He used his incredible strength and bravery to rescue steel workers from danger within the mines surrounding Pittsburgh.

    When the US joined World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, Joe Steel decided that being a local hero was not enough he wanted to use his strength and skills to help the Allies win the war. He approached a military recruiter and quickly became an asset to the US military efforts.

  9. Dragonfly
    Howdy Jen!

    Nice job! What you've chosen seems perfect! Feel free to start assigning die codes to your Resistances, Powers, Aptitudes, etc.

    Jan has been in conversation with me. I just sent him some feedback, so I'm sure he'll send me something soon.

    I'll post on email to see if Russ and Danno are still game.

    We're still waiting on Dan.

    I'm going to start writing something soon modulewise.


  10. Dragonfly
    Oh, and Jen - I love the image! :-)


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