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Character Creation
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Character Creation

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  1. Dragonfly
    Guess not! It worked over on the chat function, so I thought I'd test it out here.

    Tomorrow I'll announce the game we are doing, but I'll announce it over on email, since Dan hasn't gotten settled in yet, and he doesn't have an account here.

    I'll also send out some stuff on how to make characters.

    If it's SUPERS!, the system uses point allocation (or die allocation), so no die rolls are necessary.


  2. Kingboffo
    * Kingboffo rolls some dice *

    (ill have to try it again....)

    I think I rolled a rock !
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    02-13-2012 08:31 AM
    Kingboffo rolls some dice: =20x5 (0)
  3. Kingboffo
    * Kingboffo rolls some dice *

    Another Attempt

    And it worked !! I got too fancy on the first roll !

    Flash Gordon Campaign? Cool heres my character concept !!

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    02-13-2012 08:36 AM
    Kingboffo rolls some dice: 3d6 (1,4,3 = 8) + 5 (5) = 13
  4. Dragonfly
    LOL! Jan, your avatar is classic! Good to see you here!

    I posted a bunch of system and character stuff over on email, as we are still waiting for Dan to join us.


  5. Beolvine
    First, my jasoncubas@yahoo.ie account was compromised, I will not speculate as to by whom, but it was sending various amounts of spam and multiple, increasingly complex, password changes did nothing to stop it. So I deleted it. I will slowly rebuild communication links via my gmail account. The other yahoo account, jrcubas@yahoo.com, is still active and valid.

    Second, does this sound too corny? "G.I. Ant, A Giant Helping of Freedom in a Pint-Sized Package! The smaller this soldier gets, the stronger he becomes." I'll work on background, etc. as time permits.

    I too would like to try Stars Without Number, but am satisfied with Golden Age Heroes. How does Liberty Force sound for the group name?
  6. NotQuiteClara
    I like Liberty Force, and I don't think your G.I. Ant sounds too complicated! I'm working on a folk-hero-turned-patriotic-super concept, possibly named Joe Steel. I'm reading all the background now so I figure out how to play - are we going to roll for character creation or just allocate points?
  7. Dragonfly
    Hey Jase!

    G.I. Ant is awesome! It seems like he'll be joined by Minute Maid, Joe Steel, and Frogman for now. These guys sound cool and kooky! I like it! Keep 'em coming, guys!

    We're just waiting on Danno, now. (No rush!) I don't think Scooter is going to be joining us.

    Jen (and everybody else). We are going with standard character generation. If you are accessing the rules that Jan posted, you should be able to follow along pretty easily. Let me know if you need help or have any questions.


  8. Beolvine
    Okay, here is my first stab at making G.I. Ant

    G.I. Ant
    Real Name: Grant Walker, U.S. Army


    Composure 2D
    Fortitude 2D
    Reaction 2D
    Will 3D


    Athleticism 2D
    Fighting 2D
    Streetwise 2D

    Powers (12D total)

    Size Control 5D (-1D shrinking only) - shrink to 4 1/2 inches
    Super Strength 4D (-1D only when shrunk) - lift 8 tons
    Invulnerability (Kinetic energy)(3d, -1D only when shrunk)
    Invulnerability (Heat)(3d, -1D only when shrunk)
    Super Leap 2D (-1D only when shrunk) 20' high, 100' long

    Advantage: Tolerance
    Disadvantage: Enemy (Riesenmann)

    Back Story

    Grant Walker volunteered on December 8, 1941. After basic he was assigned to an infantry company and shipped off to North Africa. His platoon was on patrol one evening when they encountered a temporary facility in the desert. The Nazis were testing a new device for enhancing their soldiers in the desert because
    an earlier experiment had exploded and there was too much collateral damage. The platoon attacked, trying to disrupt the experiment. One German soldier, the volunteer subject, and Grant reached for the activation switch together. When the machine activated, it malfunctioned and both men were changed. The scientist in charge was killed in the fighting. The German soldier escaped, eventually making it back to his own lines.

    Grant was returned to the U.S. for testing and evaluation.

    The German Sldier, now able to grow to giant size, calls himself Riesenmann, and has sworn to stomp on the soldier who interfered with his planned "apotheosis" into a super man.

    Personality: Cocky, straightforward, no nonsense, streetwise and fancies himself a ladies man. "I like to do two things best: kick butt and chew tobacco, and I gave up tobacco for my Momma..."
  9. Dragonfly
    Hi Jase!

    I LOVE the origin! I love his quote! I love his power set! Now G.I. Ant is even MORE awesome! :-) The build is great too. The only thing I need you to define a bit more specifically is his Invulnerability (Kinetic Energy). I know kinetic energy is, scientifically speaking, an energy type, but in the context of the game it's a bit too broad a coverage for 3d.

    Here is a list of damage/energy types that folks over on the BASH UE boards came up with to provide guidelines for the same power in that system. It should work well in SUPERS! too.

    Damage types:
    Asphyxation (suffocation, drowning)
    Crushing (punching, bashing, falling)
    Cutting (slashing)
    Decay (aging, entropy)
    Disease (bacteria etc.)
    Heat (fire)
    Light (laser)
    Mystical (magic, soul)
    Piercing (bullets, teeth, grenades, stabbing knives etc)

    Anyway, GREAT WORK! Thanks for putting so much effort into this.

    Let's keep 'em coming! Dan is still in Miami. He'll actually be gaming with us this weekend, but he heads off to St. Pete soon after. I'd like to wait for him to get established before we start, but you guys should still get your characters to me ASAP. They fuel my imagination and will allow me to plan the campaign and write the first module.


  10. Beolvine
    Is there some sense of overlap on these 'energy' types? I mean, if someone is immune to bullets, wouldn't they be immune to knives and punches also? What I'm aiming for is: at smallest size, he could catch a tank high-explosive round, and even if it explodes in his hand, it won't kill him. That level of invulnerability would require 4 of those listed, unless he could catch that unharmed, but die when a normal person steps on him.

    Also, not sure if it matters or has any effect whatsoever, but the concept involves all of his powers getting stronger the smaller he becomes. Sort of like tying the super strength at 1-to-1 levels with shrink, super leap at 1-to-2. Invulnerability as written has no levels, but it should be immune to punches, etc. at 1 level of shrink; immune to knives, pipes, swords, etc. at 2 levels; immune to guns and light burns at 3 levels; immune to canons and fre at 4 levels; immune to explosive missile types at 5 levels.
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