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  1. mistrl
    So just to kick things off before next game, maybe get things done and moving ^.^
    My character (mistrl) is trying to get a temple/hospital started in our province, dedicated to the lady and healing/constructive knowledge. Also wanting to head to Rome to get us a villa/consulate and get the dwarves working on a teleport circle to there for us, partially so i can hit on the princess .
    Hmm aside from that are any of the Aes Sedai that are coming to our province crafters? Would be awesome to have some ter'angreal or cuendalir stuff going >=D.
    hhrm... cant think of anything else atm, will try and think of more. perhaps you can give me a timeline for initial setup and travel to rome? And maybe John can create our consulate area since he did such a good job with the villa
  2. Carnis77
    There are numerous Villas and Estates for sale or lease within Rome proper.

    Give me a description of how splendorous a residence you want and how close to the other embassies or the Palace area you want to be and I'll give you a price.
  3. jstoner420
    I think we should keep it simple. We have an amazing palatial set-up in Terra Victoria. I am thinking an estate based more for defensive purposes, especially if we think we are going to have a teleportation gateway for trading. I want that ***** defendable against spellcasters.

    What can we do for a quarter-million gold or less? Something that the total diplomatic envoy would be number at about 50 or so. 35 of that guards :-)

    I am not paying an arm and a leg to keep a ton of people in Rome. We need to talk to our dwarven ambassador about the cost and timeline to build another teleportation circle in Rome in this estate. Then we just teleport ore from the dwarven realm to our realm and then to our estate in Rome. I think we should name it PRAEMUNITIO VICTORIA.
  4. jstoner420
    Oh, since I'm sure we are all sure that Maethal is Chaotic Insane with absurd tendencies bordering on sociopathic goal for amassing power...what, nevermind that part...

    What about asking Vegitrix (the dragon) if his son wanted to be an honorary special ambassador and we could ask Vegitrix if he would accept title of Victorian ambassador-at-large. I think we need to pick the Ambassador to our Rome very carefully, but I think we should approach it from a position of strength. Could we ask Remius to be the ambassador?

    I think we need to also figure out our council structure a little more too. I don't know what you guys want to do. But its not right I have the title of Duke and you guys are Councilmen/women. I should be able to at least anoint you all Marquis & Marquise unless you want to be a Council of Knights, which is kinda bad ass. The Knights of Terra Victoria has a certain je ne sais quoi to it.
  5. mistrl
    I r Pope? XD
  6. Carnis77
    I was under the impression you were voted as Duke until a council vote of no confidence where they pick a new one? Either way- you guys sort it out amongst yourselves. You do need 1 senior rep among you. If that's a Duke, High Councilor, Chairman or whatever.

    Remiel as ambassador? I'm fine with that. It's up to you guys.

    As for the Dragon - you'll have to take that up with him.
  7. jstoner420
    You can be Vicar of Victoria!
  8. crystal_sea24
    I'm fine with you being the Duke. You're good at diplomacy. But clarifying roles would be nice. give the rest of us something to do. (and call us all Knights! I like that!) less confusion if we know our roles.
    I was thinking that if we each had an area we worked with/ were responsible for, that would be good. aka the Duke handles most diplomatic stuff and can oversee the rest of us. have Mistrl in charge of healing/ hospital/ his religious stuff. Galliena would do well monitoring the frontier/ wild area, I think, especially as the druids have been MIA (did Mab kidnap them too? are they trapped in their animal forms? ). Anthor could be liason with the dwarves (maybe even find a nice dwarven wife) and maybe oversee mining and smithing and even battle studies/ training? Danlin could use his bardic skills to help with the college, especially maybe setting up a theater and training for that. (if Rome has the Colliseum, why not us have a giant theater and splendid entertainment). and Jacob is already liason with the Carnum, I believe, but could possibly keep the Halfling population in check too, enforcing trade laws and such.
  9. jstoner420
    Okay, how about this then?

    We will all be the Knights Protector of Terra Victoria. I propose our creed be: The Knights Protector of Terra Victoria shall endeavor to build a region of freedom, fairness and opportunity for all its law abiding citizens. The Knights shall organize all aspects of the government in the best interests of the province and its people. We shall protect our citizens at all costs. Victory or Death!"

    (Victory or Death is sort of like our battle cry).

    Duke - Maethal - Knight of Terra Victoria and Royal Spellsword - will manage fleet and naval operations and the relationship with Lord Vito and the Nightstalkers. Will have lead for negotiations with the dragons, although will consult with all the Knights about decisions regarding our scaled friends. Will be in charge of any Arcane study should we choose to include such a school at any point.
    Knight Mistril - Vicar of Victoria and Royal Arcane Crafter- charged with handling all aspects of the priests and overseeing the Aes Saedi coming in. Will be the primary religious figure (even over Priest Janus). Will the the offical in charge of creation or modification of magical weapons, armor and items.
    Knight Galliena - Protector of the Woodlands - In charge of handling all security aspects for the "wild" areas and the rangers. Will coordinate with the elves especially and our elven ranger ambassador.
    Knight Anthor - Overseer of the Dwarven Alliance and Senior Military Trainer - in charge of all aspects necessary to keep and cement our relationship with the dwarves, especially things like mining, armor production, etc. Will give advice and council to the development of a unified training plan and battle testing for soldiers in Terra Victoria.
    Knight Danlin - Royal Art and Entertainment Baron- will be in charge of helping to set up the college, library and can start a theater as well (for our profit and prestige purposes).
    Knight Jacob - Carnum Ambassador-at-large and Royal Bowman - in charge of our relationship with our furry friends. Given his expertise with the bow, he may also be in charge of archers and archery training, to include weapon procurement. He will work with Anthor on these military matters.

  10. crystal_sea24
    Sounds great to me! Galliena is a good archer too, but considerably less interested in teaching and such, so have fun, Jacob!
    just an idea, but in addition to a theater, since we ARE Roman and all, could we have a colliseum? preferably not people fighting to the death, unless it's convicts who are to be executed...but it might be a nice outlet for us warriors, to fight evil beasties and such. for when the rigors of bureaucracy overwhelm us. lol
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