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Best way to find a game

  1. Joekak
    Hey there, I've been looking for a fun 4th edition game for the last couple of weeks and have tried most of the places I could think of. I tried asking which of my friends and other cohorts I know would want to play, checked around at work and school, and creeper'd around Enchanted Grounds trying to find ways to join a house game. I'm either really down on my luck or doing something horribly wrong, because I can't seem to find even two people with matching schedules(I didn't think Saturdays would be so difficult!!). I tried on here to message people who are running games with similar schedules but it doesnt seem like many people check their IM/Email

    Anyone have any suggestions on a sure-fire way to meet some DnD people and get into a game?

    PS- Would try to start my own, I've got the place to host at least, but I've never DMed and dont know enough players of 4th Edition personally
  2. mrken
    If you are looking for a game on Saturday, try looking in the Find a Game of Find a Player. Type in you Area Code and how many miles you are willing to travel. There are a ton of people on your side of town. Saturday is not that bad of a day to find a game in most cases.
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