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Victoria Provincial Fleet - Naval operations
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Victoria Provincial Fleet - Naval operations

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  1. Carnis77
    Your first ship has been designed and under construction in the Halfling shipyards of Shire Farfoot.

    Your requests have been implemented and the engineers are going a bit further than requested since this is the Flag Ship and a diplomatic vessel of Victoria. An overwhelming sense of national pride, a need to please the Lords Council and the Duke, and a very real desire to impress the hell out of any outsider to instigate future contracts has inspired the project to go above and beyond. It should be noted that costs and labor would have been a great deal more if it were not for some very loyal Roman Fury Crafters and a desire from all of your subjects to do something together as a truly special project.

    The use of Carnem engineers made it possible for the ship to handle the tall beings making the ship a bit over sized.

    It's also elegant advertisement for a new industry the Halflings plan on capitalizing on. For that you get the ship at cost.

    20 Roman Fury Wood Crafters, 15 Human Shipwrights, 10 Carnem Shipwrights, 10 Elven shipwrights, 120 Carnem and Human laborers, 800 Halfling laborers, 300 textile workers, and 20 blacksmiths of human, gnome, carnem, dwarven, and halfling origin are working on it.

    The ship details:
    5 masts / 10 sails
    300 ft long
    90 feet wide
    20 staterooms
    2 conference rooms
    5 armories
    3 mess halls
    30 steerage compartments
    120 sailors
    250 Marines
    Storage for 450 tons of cargo including 6 months of good food supplies
    Storage for 200 horse with riders and tactical gear along with room for support personnel / or can be configured for 500 extra soldiers.

    Top deck - main cupola with Captains quarters, map room, primary conference room, captains mess, armory 1, 6 heavy catapults mid and fore, 3 heavy catapults aft, 20 ballista each side
    Deck 1 - main diplomatic quarters, mess hall 1 1, armory 2, 15 ports per side for heavy ballista
    Deck 2 - Steerage passenger rooms, armory 3, marine barracks, sailor barracks, 20 ballista ports each side
    Deck 3 - Cavalry/Troop compartments, armory 4, mess hall 2
    Deck 4 - Sailor compartments, main hold, brig, armory 5

    Offensive capabilities:

    1 bow ram - steel
    9 deck catapults
    40 top deck ballista
    30 deck 1 ballista
    40 deck 2 ballista

    Total personnel capacity: 600 or 900 at max capacity

    Total material and labor cost with discount: 20,000 gold
    Normal commercial cost without discount: 500,000 gold
  2. GI Journalist
    GI Journalist
    Halfling shipyards? I'd expect to travel comfortably and in style except when banging my head while moving around below decks.
  3. GI Journalist
    GI Journalist
    Roman Fury? I read that wrong. Initially I pictured something like this:
  4. Carnis77
    Halfling shipyard but Carnem, Human, and Halfling workers and Engineers.
  5. jstoner420
    What about smaller war ships? Like 2 masted, faster ships. For high-speed attack or high-speed movement of small amounts of personnel? Could they come up with something like that. Might also be a good seller to others, especially if the smaller attack ships were capable of river navigation.

    Speaking of which, how far out can we build a toll bridge across the river, to make sure we are getting appropriate taxes on freight coming in. I don't trust the halflings as far as I can fireball them.
  6. Carnis77
    Toll bridge -depends on how many wood rafters and earth crafters you want to hire. A good solid one with good engineering- maybe 2 months.

    Small fast attack ships- you just have to commission the Halflings. Their waiting on new ship contracts right now.
  7. jstoner420
    What's the cost on a smaller 2 masted fast attack ship? I figure we could build some smaller ships and try to boost numbers.

    I figure the halflings should have orders for big ships soon from outside anyway
  8. Carnis77
  9. Carnis77
    Galley, Longship, Trireme, or standard Warship?

    Here are some average costs -they vary depending on what your looking for.

    Galley 10,000 gp 180 ft. (current) or 60 ft. (rowed)Longship 10,000 gp 120 ft. (current and muscle) or 30 ft. (rowed)Warship 25,000 gp 150 ft. (current) or 60 ft. (rowed)
  10. jstoner420
    Okay, how about some Longships with additional armor plating on the sides to increase their AC? Can we do each one for about 20,000 with the added armor? I think 4 of those would compliment our main battleship for now at least. Plus they are smaller and faster. On a separate but possibly related question are the halflings able to build any sort of zeppelin?
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