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High Elf Embassy - Ambassador Coreen

  1. Carnis77
    Place your queries and diplomatic transactions with the High Elves here.
  2. jstoner420
    As a sign of good will I'd like for the elven people to present Jacob, the Carnem Abassador with the gift of a Longbow. We will negotiate for the Carnem people to reciprocate with an equally valued gift for the Elven people (or the elven ambassador).
  3. Carnis77
    Interesting. What would the Carnem have in mind for a reciprocal gift?
  4. jstoner420
    What are they known for other than blood magic and being huge strong warriors? i'm thinking some kind of a weapon, but I'm not sure what it'd be.
  5. Carnis77
    In truth- their sea going ships are world class. That doesn't help you with land locked Elves. They are good at stone masonry. A statue?
  6. jstoner420
    Okay, I will try to work it out so our Carnum Ranger (Milo's character) gets a high quality bow and he can present the elven people with a Carnum marble statue. It should also help them to cement diplomatic ties with the exchange.
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