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Victoria Province - Holding Court -court logs and discussions online

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  1. Carnis77
    Place your council discussions here for consideration.
  2. Carnis77

    My Lords and Ladies,

    I, High Lord Flavius Mercurius Faris, duly notify my loyal Nobles of Victoria territorial sub-province of a petition to the Emperror and 1st Lord, Imperial Court, and the Senate of Rome. This petition herein is to establish with the 1st Lords blessing and affirmation and ratification of the Roman Senate of the establishment of Victoria as an independent Province within the Roman Empire. The Emperor and 1st Lord is in tacit agreement of the movement and will be brought before the Senate with both the Honorable Senator of Farea Servius Renatus and Seconded by his Highness the 1st Lord Julius Flavius Augustus, Emperor of Rome.

    You are encouraged to send your perspective representative to speak before the Senatorial Assembly in session. It is recommended that this personage be your most likely candidate for the Senator of your potential new Roman Province.
  3. SGuiher
    Based on our current province government officials, Maeve and Galen nominate Minister Janus Diserus Priest of Jupiter and Minister of the People to be our Senator. We believe he would be a good fit because he is our Minister of the People and would most likely look for the best for our people.
  4. mistrl
    Minister of jupiter? we can fix that
  5. SGuiher
    Well, considering Jupiter is the god of light and sky, and protector of the state and its law, it seems a good fit. I understand your desire for focusing on the Lady, but Jupiter is a well known deity in Rome and would probably have a better fit in the Senate at this point in time.

    Who else do we really have that we could send as our Senator?
  6. mistrl
    all good i was thinking the same thing xD, as for other peeps heres a copy and paste from fitz

    for a perspective Senator, there are choices. Enter Luscious Dimetrius Cirus. One of the monks from the Library mentioned a 4th son of Cirus studying in his library who moved here a year ago. Several of your advisers also mentioned him though they say he prefers reading books and doing research. He's a scholar, a geek, but more importantly -a noble of another High Lords House who left to reside in your province because he doesn't claim his family lineage and his family thinks he's useless. He has no claim on his house or station. He's basically a noble born with no prospects who's family think he's useless. It's why he moved here.

    He's quite smart and knows the court. He has little love for Roman nobility and came here to get away from such trappings to pursue his own scholarly endeavors. In fact he thinks the senate are a pile of self aggrandizing snakes who bugger little boys and steal money from the citizens of Rome. He's also a school trained Roman Solicitor (Lawyer). He doesn't practice because he thinks lawyers are viperous scum. He will be difficult. He hates Roman politics.
  7. SGuiher
    Yeah, we saw that one from Fitz. Considering he hates Roman politics and will be difficult, we didn't think he'd be a good fit (unless of course we want to potentially cause a lot of havoc in the Senate right away). We figured since we were just starting out with a Senator, it'd be best to go with someone that would have a smoother transition.
  8. SGuiher
    Besides, as Rob says, with the Minister of Jupiter out of the Temple, you may have an easier time converting those in the temple to following the Lady.
  9. mistrl
    lol true
  10. Carnis77
    Are you guys in agreement for the Priest as your Senator then?
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