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The Roman Campaign - updates.

  1. Carnis77
    This thread is for posting a running dialogue and updates for the current Roman Imperial Campaign.
  2. Carnis77
    A reminder of the current situation as of 2 November 2011:

    Game time 1376 Faerunian Calendar

    The Lords of the Colony Frontier Province, in an effort to seek out and eliminate an internal threat which has been killing and disappearing citizens, discovered a secret enclave of vampires within the great forest. Narrowing avoiding mutual destruction the Lords and the Vampire Lord Vito struck a bargain and an alliance once it was determined the Vampires were not the culprits. In further discussion with Lord Vito it was determined that the methods and curious circumstances of the abductions and killings were similar to actions taken by the Dark Fey of Queen Maab. Lord Vito agreed to show the Lords and Heroes how to find the Dark Fey but would not get involved beyond that. The situation paused still at Lord Vitos Tower.
  3. Carnis77
    I am planning on 28 January as our next game. Saturday at 1300 with the expectation people show at 1230ish.

    UPDATE/Points of Interest:

    - A HORDE of Elvish treasures is rumored in the great forest North Eadt of Farea Castorum.

    - High Lord Calare and his entire immediate family and retainers are now deceased. His Nephew Brandis Calare will take his seat. He is an unwed 16 year old boy who spent his life writing poetry and screwing bath slaves. The 1st lord stated he would guide the lad in matters of state through one of his supernumeraries until he reaches a state of comfort in his new duties.

    - The Dragon Vergitrix has coerced his offspring to become his representative as a council member of the Province of Victoria.

    - The Dwarves have begun to martial their people into a very paranoid posture of home defense. Not unwisely after the centuries of war and solitude they suffered. They are rebuilding the ancient outer redoubts of their great Kingdom and reclaiming further lands from the Goblins and Orcs.

    - The Carnem report a series of missing persons cases in their territory. Only about 15 at this point. No bodies or evidence of murder.

    - Greek Hoplites have been seen and reported by your Rangers traversing the Great Forest. 3 seperate groups of roughly 20 Hoplites apparently on some mission. They have been left alone and are being observed until orders dictate otherwise. 2 groups have sustained casualties thus far from natural creatures and Fey.

    - An Aes Sedai envoy reaches the capital of Victoria with a caravan of 7 Aes Sedai Sisters, 80 White Tower soldiers, 10 Aes Sedai Warders, and nearly 300 servants and craftsman. This is the largest single envoy of Aes Sedai on the entire continent and none of your advisers can fathom why they are all coming here in such numbers.
  4. crystal_sea24
    Treasure hunting! I am very excited about all of this!
    it's also great we just so happen to have someone who is 1) Dwarven and 2) Greek on our council. hopefully that smooths some things for us.
    is it likely that the first lord will have the young new Lord Calare meddling with us at all for now? or can we probably breathe a sigh of relief for the time being?
  5. Carnis77
    I doubt he'll have much to do with you in the near term.
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