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Updating drafts?

  1. Q-man
    These seems like a silly question, after all when changes are needed just edit your post and do it. I'm more wondering about how we notify the editors that its time to critique.

    I have the first draft of that mask story done. Soft Serve took a look at it and lets pretend a post was added with a half dozen or so suggestions and improvements. I go back and edit the post, how would Soft Serve know that I've attempted to take advantage of the suggestions and give it a second look?

    My initial thought was that I'd just have a blurb at the top of the draft listing its status. However there's no good way of knowing if that's been changed without regularly opening the thread and rereading that section.

    I had just subscribed to the group to get e-mails when any posts are made. So I'm thinking that so long as the a follow up post is made saying that the draft has been changed and is in need of a second review I'll be aware of it. I don't know of any rigid deadlines we're trying to make so prompt attention to this stuff isn't required, but it still seems like we should have some reasonable means of ensuring that the status of the drafts are communicated to all.
  2. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    I posted last night (But apparently P&PG says I didn't.)

    But it was only the building blocks of an adventure. No details or anything like that. But my idea was to go back and post a second time with the updated version. So the first one (Building Blocks) would be there, and the version that I'd have expanded upon would also be there. The changes would be clearly visible and both copies would make for good reference.
  3. Q-man
    Ok so reading comprehension isn't a skill I've trained up recently. I've just been editing my original post with the changes I've been made, when it was clearly suggested that a new post be made with the new version of the adventure so that we retain some amount of history with regards to the changes we've made. I'll try and get that right on the next one.
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