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Mouse Guard: A Taste of Spring (First Run)

  1. LordNightwinter
    The truth of being a mouse is that you are, by nature, the smallest and most vulnerable creature on the food chain. The guard defies that logic, The Guard is the antithesis of that logic, we are the argument and the defiance. We are The Guard.
    -Patrol Leader Keshan, 1145

    The first melt of spring, snow and ice to water and the grand cycle of nature continues. The world wakes up from its slumber and rubs the sleep that is snow from its eyes. The first hints of nature's green eyes look down upon the mighty stronghold of Lockhaven as the first patrols begin emerging. You are all tenderpaws assigned to a patrol leader that has seen one too many years on the trails. Gwendolyn herself has asked to see you to assign your first mission. The excitement that all mouse-lings feel on their first real mission is a palpable sensation that feels as if it will burst from your chest.

    (Awaiting Players and First Post)
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