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OOG Thread

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  1. InMediaRes
    Remember, tomorrow is April 1st. I'll be on both MSN and Chat here. See you guys then.
  2. Afflux_001
    that works dem ^.^. rp wise i wanted to know how it happened. i didnt know you move through solid material, so sneaking up on them through the ground you could easly take one with being noticed. when i read it i thought you where on the surface so i couldnt picture somone sneaking in and just takeing one. thanks for explaining it.
  3. Afflux_001
    not gonna be able to make it next wednessday hade a death in the family v.v
  4. InMediaRes
    I'm very sorry to hear that, Afflux. Sorry to everyone who's waiting for things as well, my news isn't so hard as that, but I've been very busy this week.
  5. jtguy
    No worries. Seems like everyone is pretty busy. Just update us regarding how you want to move forward.
  6. Afflux_001
    if you guys want to go back to play by post that is fine, i can check the forums, but only when i have free time witch is maybe 10-15 mins a couple times a day
  7. Afflux_001
    is there a game tonight? and if so, is it in the chat room? if its somewhere else, i only have skype
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