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OOG Thread

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  1. Demelza
    Actually afflux already mentioned nightfall, and there has been numerous references to cosmic bodies.
    Also technically a single light source could provide that ratio though gravitational lensing or reflection(ie other planets, maybe dark matter, moons), though it wouldn't be a clean ratio, as you all well know it gets slowly darker/brighter during dawn and dusk. Alternatively the planet may not be a perfect sphere (an oblate spheroid, as they call the earth).
  2. InMediaRes
    So he did. I stand corrected.
  3. Afflux_001
    im not gonna be able to make it wednessday. and i was also wondering, are we gonna stay gods, or will we turn mortal, i cant remeber.
  4. Demelza
    Fuzzy wrote:
    OOC: I have left the specifics of the war blank so that InMediaRes who knows my warfare and can infer the warfare of the Dra'Khar can decide how good a fight they put up and if I need to nuke the whole area to insure victory. I have also left the area on just how stealthy they are, with the exception of the ones making contact, so that InMediaRes can deterimine how likely it is that any of you have seen them doing what they are doing. I also feel that it is important to point out that if they felt someone attempting to take them apart they would self terminate and the others evacuate the area in case you do not wait for me to determine the reaction of my creatures like I am with yours.

    Feels slightly pointed at me. So yea, I was going on the assumption that small groups of mortals (or the single ones likely taken as specimens) would have little to no chance of even seeing what was coming, let alone being able to defend against it.
    Mortal to mortal interactions, you're quite right in saying are something else though, same with god to god. (also i didn't take them apart so much as steal the thought that made them to later eject it, transporting them, which in your critters case would likely result in them killing themselves after transport - should also be noted that i didn't take one of the boulder pack. though you can bet it wants to.)
  5. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    It was indeed directed at you and was based on the feeling that while most things can be handled like you did the creatures defined by the other players should be given the chance to have their reactions defined by that player as they are of particular importance and might have defenses not obvious to everyone or other way to react than simply taking it. So, I attempted to give you some insight into what would happen should you attempt to do it to one of them rather than attempt to tell you to lay off on auto-killing other people's creations, which when I first read it was what I thought you were doing. InMediaRes could make such comments and I can even voice things like this explaining where I am coming from just as you could do the same and to a degree have done in explaining your thought behind your ability to do such. I do appreciate that by the way. You did not need to explain yourself to me but you took the time to do so and I thank you.

    In response to what you said be aware that they would do it as soon as they felt any part of it and could absorb the energy involved in it making it more difficult to take them apart or steal the thought before they self destruct making you unable to do such. I could see it going either way. Your character is obviously quite skilled at it but they do have their own defenses. So, I could see them managing to destruct before you can steal them as well as you being able to get one before the others flee.


    P.S. I am normally on messenger and if you ever feel the need to dicuss something with me feel free to contact me. I originally put in with my post because I thought in part that I was simply making a useful not for when you posted but it was indeed mildly complaint like and should have been done to you and/or InMediaRes not on the public board. I do apologize for that.
  6. Afflux_001
    At the time you took one of the drakhar they where a single group of 100, worked as 1 through telepthy, so if you did sneak up on the group how would you manage to get away unhurt? or without them following you back to your libary, and how did my god not notice you sence he was following the dra'khar? i dont mind you takeing one of them just wanna know how.
  7. InMediaRes
    An excellent which might be best resolved in a live session, I think. What day this week can people play? I know wednesday is out for you afflux, I can do earlier afternoon thursday, or anytime friday.
  8. Afflux_001
    this whole week is bad for me sadly
  9. InMediaRes
    I don't want to put the live session off any longer, so we'll go ahead with wednesday 11PM-3AM GMT. Afflux, you're off in the center of your jungle anyway, so we'll work out what you do later on...
    If you've read my last post, you'll see that there are starting to be more interrelated developments, Dem and Fuzzy have met (somewhat) and Dem is just about to have an encounter with JT. Not far away are two ravenous packs of Dra'Khar. I think this is best left for wednesday. Unless you have some catching up on info that you'd like to do, JT, I think we might as well wait, and start the game tomorrow on your turn.

    I've figured out how the world is going to be arrayed. I started with the idea of a tetrahedron overlayed against a sphere, with the points being the continents. This would have spread the four of you out evenly across the world. JT and Afflux, however, are on the same continent, so those two points have moved closer together than the others, but still maintain some distance.

    Afflux is more in the north, where it is more heavily forested (think of a more temperate asia). JT is more towards the southwest, where things are more barren (think somewhere around the mediterranian on earth, near africa and the middle east.

    On the opposite side of the planet, Dem is somewhere around the equatorial region. The continent extends above and below the midline, so it's up to him whether he is located further north or south.

    Fuzzy, as he stated, is at the south pole.

    The north pole, as of yet is undiscovered. Any exploration of that region, I would like to leave as being a live session thing.

    That's all, I've got to get off to work, so I'll see you guys tomorrow
  10. Demelza
    How is easy to answer: carefully. They cannot travel through solid matter nor can they travel at the speed of thought. They would simply percieve being one less. A subterranean approach allows limited awareness and no reprisal. As for you not noticing, you said yourself that they were outpacing your god, and i figured there would be some sort of periphery to the group that would be ahead of the rest (your location was less specific than that of the others so I didn't want to say for you, ironically it seems to have worked out like that anyway in a way).

    But whatever, see you guys tomorrow.
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