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OOG Thread

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  1. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    Woohoo. I look forward to seeing what everyone else has up their sleeves.
  2. InMediaRes
    Indeed. We have till next week to run this play by post, so it won't be necessary to get everything out in your first post. Start with your first impressions, and it should come about fairly organically from there
  3. Demelza
    The order?
  4. Demelza
    Oh sorry, didn't catch the 2nd page.
  5. InMediaRes
    Lets maintain this order...when you finish your post send a PM to the next player. If you wish you may pass on your turn, and wait for more information before deciding what you'd like to do. In this case you should still inform the next player.
  6. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    Ok. I have got to say that I like your humanoids Dem. They are very cool for humanoids. You did a good job on them. The same goes for the whole section you built but they, and the trees, were particularly interesting. You have good some good stuff going.
  7. Demelza
    Thanks, it's only the beginning though.
  8. InMediaRes
    Now would be a good time to think about extra contributions to the game. Propose any ideas you have to me and I'll judge how many points it should be worth. This is especially important if have a large amount of "bad stuff", as problems may start to arise with your plans if it isn't addressed.

    I really like how this is going, and I'm looking forward to the next live game session. I'm free wednesday again, so same time as before if that works for everyone.

    I think maybe we should keep playing by post, with a live session once per week? That way we have a medium for the more thought out plots, as well as a means to interact more quickly for dramatic events. What do you think?
  9. InMediaRes
    regarding what Afflux said about day far there isn't really a source of light that's been described, so daylight would be an odd phenomenon.

    as for the 14-10 ratio, the only way this would occur (in a natural way) is to have 2 light sources in different places around the world. Following conventional physics, the lights would have to be stationary, while the planet rotated on it's own axis. Lights moving around the world would cause irregularities in the pattern.

    Of course, it is a supernatural world, and light sources in dreams are sketchy at best. If anyone would like to step up and resolve this, feel welcome to.
  10. InMediaRes
    After further thought...because there hasn't been any mention of daytime/nighttime...if you are going to resolve it, please don't do so retroactively, a new phenomenon is more realistic.
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