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OOG Thread

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  1. InMediaRes
    This will be the thread for out of game discussion.
  2. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    Ok. I manged to get a hold of a copy of the amber diceless RPG rule book to see what you were talking about and get a better grasp of the concepts you were working from. In the process I also came across the rules on other things. So I have questions and I am asking them here so that other people do not have to ask you the same questions later.

    1. How closely do the requirements for things like the character diary match those given in the book? What about the points received for them?
    2. You made no mention of powers in our previous conversations. Are we going to need to hold back points from the auctions for things like that?
    3. What about our natural forms? Are we taking the same form? If not what are the restrictions on such things?
    4. When we speak of the dream, is it a single planet? A universe? A collection of planes like in D&D? Is this one of the things we would be deciding?
    5. Do the abilities you list correspond to the same ones in amber as far as what they are used for? Either way you may want to offer a basic description of what each does for a character and why it is important to have it high.

    The basic idea is to get an idea of how we need to work the points we have to make the character we want and to get an idea of what we want. Most of them focus on information we need to know before the auction so that we know how to use the points and how to gain them. I am considering doing a character diary and page long reports on the various plants, animals, fungi, Protists, bacteria, etc. for extra points. Fleshing out the various things that are introduced and possibly modifying them as new information comes to light or they can become cannon as I assume such things would have to be distributed to the whole group. The only reason I mention leaving them flexible is so that people do not feel like I am taking away control of their creation. Anyway, that can be discussed whenever you feel like discussing those sorts of contributions. I am sorry for waiting so long to ask you these questions and likely giving insufficient time for others to get all their follow up questions should they arise. I thank you for your efforts here.
  3. InMediaRes
    Think Amber Rules Lite, I know it's already pretty lite, but moreso. Strength and warfare based combat in Amber is very easy, but they made sorcery a little more difficult due to the different systems. I'm basically using the model the have for physical combat universally. I truly think any situation should be resolvable through roleplaying based off this mechanic.

    It's a bare reality, so ignore the item creation ideas...any artifacts will have to be made in this realm. It is just one planet. Rather than the multiverse concept, we'll assume every character's starting point in the world is essentially their shadow, but there is no hellriding. Once a detail is spoken, it is fact. The idea is to build up a whole set of evolving details that will define this shadow. I'll leave room for the eventuality of other realms, but I'd like to stay away from multiple plains at least for the first while. Building a collaborative world is complex enough without making it a multiverse.

    The only other guidelines I can give are things that should be true in any character based roleplaying: Stay in your role...Continually expand your attention to details and the overall feel...Maintain consistency as much as possible. I'll work through all the character building on wednesday, making sure everything is clear.
  4. InMediaRes
    You're free to choose any form you like, but it should correspond to your abilities-which is why I say wait till the auction.

    Extra points depend on what you contribute. If you throw together a sketch of a scene from the previous game, 10 points...diaries, game logs (just to help keep track of everything) poetry, all 10 points. If you can do a visual aid in colour, due to the intensive nature of this, I'd say 20 points is fair. 20 is the maximum for extra points, though.

    Everyone should have one natural form, which they maintain. Shifting would be a combination of psyche, and endurance I guess. All your abilities will be things you learn, not startup skills. Maintain a steady learning curve in one direction and you will notice your skills improving in that area.
  5. Afflux_001
    id like to read the ambers diceless book can i dl it somewhere or do i need to buy it
  6. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    I am rather sure it is out of print. So, finding a legal download or print copy is likely to be quite difficult.
  7. Afflux_001
    Afflux_001 i guse we just wait for wednesday.
  8. InMediaRes
    Afflux, I'll see if I can find one for you

    I cleaned up the forums a bit just now, let's keep the OOG discussions in the appropriate thread, please.
    I had fun last night, and I'm starting to see some really cool characters coming together. Very original thoughts, guys, I'm impressed.

    Demelza posted a question that's worth thinking about...the shape of the world/realm. Read his post and give it some thought, it will be important.
  9. InMediaRes
    I've gotten your ideas together, and everything looks like it's ready to go. So without further ado, let us begin.
  10. InMediaRes
    As far as I can tell Enelar isn't coming...
    the order of the remaining players will be...

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