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Starting Date, Apology, and Volunteer?

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  1. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    Considering I got this done on the weekend, and we basically lost a week of progress because of my personal issues (which I am honestly sorry I had to put this off for so long.) I'd like to get our first post out next weekend. Somewhere between Friday and Monday (14th-17th).

    That'l give us about a week to get some good stuff written. And by "us" I probably only mean "me" since I haven't written anything I want to submit yet. But it'll still give me some time to understand how we're going to actually "Publish" these for other people to see and use. (Getting in touch with FC about it right after this post.)

    And as for the volunteer part, I have no problem being one of the first writers (And I'd like to put out a horror hook since it's October and that's my thing anyway.) but we still need another writer.

    It doesn't matter to me who it is, or even the genre (I'd like to not do two horrors in the first week, but maybe closer to Halloween it'll be more acceptable.) So fight among yourselves.

    P.S. if anyone has any kind of photoshop talent, I'd like to do something with the logo.

    Edit: If you already wrote something for horror and want to submit it, I'll take another genre.

    2nd Edit : Excuse my lack of replies, but the personal issue is still ongoing and I'll try to be here at least once a day to hear from you guys. Even if I don't find time to post, rest assured I'll be reading.
  2. jpatterson
    Hello, great to be here in this fabulous new group.

    I have something I wrote for Solomon Kane that I'm finishing up, that has horror elements but is more or less still your more typical investigate-and-find-monster adventures, set in New Spain in the New Worlds (later to be New Mexico, USA) in the 16th Century, that I should be able to submit after Soft Serve. No assertions it's great or even well-done (or with an eye toward knowing HOW to write an adventure), but it is a submission, and I think that's good since this is where having some all-over-the-place adventures can be handy, to help streamline what this group does, so we can get a better idea of what is and isn't relevant to an adventure or this panel, and what does and doesn't work.

    I was thinking: You actually could do a Halloween contest, rather than break things up now, since it IS October, so there could be a theme for your inaugural trial of the Writing Panel, with anyone that is interested in competing, also submitting their horror contributions (and anyone can still submit regular ones). Themed submissions seem to have a certain solid following on Strolen's, so we know it is at least doable, if you went that direction.
  3. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    A horror themed writing contest would be pretty cool actually. The last time we did something like that Farcaster gave away a bunch of free gift cards and user submissions to the site. Maybe he'd be interested in doing something like that again.

    And if he's not, then we can still hold the contest and the winner(s?) have the submission published.

    Good idea Jpat. I'll ask him today (and I'll make sure you get credit.)
  4. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    So it's been a day or two and there's only 3 of us here. On top of that the last time I sent FC a message it took him 10 days to respond.

    So I'm not going to "change" the date of our first release so much as mention that it "isn't set in stone" and might be postponed a little bit. We'll see as the week progresses.
  5. Q-man
    I have a few ideas on some non-horror stuff that I can put together if we want some variety. I assume we'll be doing some peer reviews or critiques of the submissions, or at least hoping we'll be doing that as I can't vouch for the quality of my work. Should we just start threads with our various ideas and see where things go from there?
  6. jpatterson
    Yah, good questions. What is the general idea?
  7. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    I was looking forward to doing peer reviews and such as well, and the idea was going to be that the group has a Discussions Area for...discussions, and two thread areas for drafts that we could get advice on, and one for finalized posts that would be ready to go. But I can't seem to find a way to give us a second thread for drafts.

    So instead I figure we can post the drafts that we want opinions of in the only thread we have and just make a note of it in the title.

    Cavern of the Wrym (Draft)

    ^^Kind of like that. And when you do settle on a finalized version, just post it without the (Draft) tag and I'll give the URL to FC to put it on the homepage.
  8. Q-man
    Sounds good. I'll start getting some draft ideas up soon for critiquing.
  9. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    I should have a draft up tonight, finalizing it tomorrow morning and handing the URL to Farcaster tomorrow night. If you guys have something up you want published, then I'll give him the URL to yours at the same time I do mine.
  10. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    I am sorry everyone. I had recently two deaths in my family, each in different states (While neither person was particularly close to me, they were close to the people who are close to me) So I took damn near a week off work to fly / drive out and attend both funerals. I'm putting up something when I can (probably wednesday).
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