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Gods of the Dream

  1. InMediaRes
    First, there was nothing. A seething void, and a chaos so pure that nothing could be. With no space, and no time to speak of, it was impossible to tell how far it spanned, and how long it had been. Eternities and moments were indistinguishable, until suddenly something was. Without precedent something existed. It still can't be said whether thought was first, or order, or if they are one and the same. However, once it was, it became more. It was so powerful that as fast as the void could eat it up, it grew more, until the void began to push further and further away.
    The chaos was clever though, it saw it could not win head on against order, so it thought of a new plan. It would run, but where order chased it it would leave traps, and bubbles of dissension. And so it came to be as the order grew larger, it began to change, until it was no longer one conscious thought. Soon the order had fragmented into several shards, slivers of thought that began to move and think on their own. Soon after the order and chaos began to dance together, a new thing appeared: the dream.
    Where once there was one conscious thought there was now division. The first fell into a slumber, where new realities were woven out of nothingness. While the first slept, the others - not able to fight against the chaos - found a way to slip into the new kind of reality that was being woven. Each for their own reason, they passed out of the order, and into the dream.

    In this game you will play one of the first beings born and sentient in the universe. The dream of the first being (deliberately ambiguous) isn't firm and concrete yet, but the consensus of your perception and your focused actions will lend it reality in time. This means that at least for the first little while you will be able to define every aspect of your surroundings.

    For example, when you first see the terrain, is it hot or cold? A forest, a savannah, a desert, a swamp? From there, are there any plants or animals that are distinctive? Are there any objects in the sky? If so, how many, and you should describe them.

    Eventually you will meet other sentient beings, or not, at your whim. If you do, you are an outsider, and must decide how you will fit into their culture. If you aren't so benevolent, you may just decide to conquer them.

    Which brings us to abilities...Abilities don't work on a point for point basis basis, but rather they classify you into a heirarchy with the other players. Abilities will be determined in an auction, vying for the highest statistic in the style of your choice. Unlike normal auctions, once you've spent the points they are gone. For example, Billy spends 14 points on strength, while Geoff spends 12, they both have now spent those points. However, Billy has 1st place in strength, and Geoff comes in for 2nd place with a slightly lower score.
    Geoff will never beat Billy in a fair armwrestling tournament, but maybe Geoff doesn't care about armwrestling, or fair competition for that matter. A score of -20 is considered on par with the average Human, so Geoff could bully a crowd of humans into ganging up with him against Billy. It's all in finding ways around the ability scores to place yourself in favourable situations.

    The abilities are psyche, strength, endurance, and warfare. You may buy additional points to use in the auction by contributing extras into the game...sketches or fill things out. Also, you can sell off one low attribute to put you below closer to human rank so you can buy up in another ability.

    It's possible to spend more points than you have, but it will result in penalties later. Conversely, having extra points left over qualifies you for other bonuses. You may spend extra points after the auction to put you more on par with the other players in a chosen ability, but you will always be considered slightly behind them.

    If we can get a consensus on whether Tuesday or Wednesday will work better, we can have the auction on P&PG Chat on either the 17th or 18th and work out details from then till the next session.
  2. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    I tend toward evil as well. We seem to have a good start for the bad gods. I feel sorry for any of the races that follow. Their entire lives will be spent just trying to avoid or kill us. Anyway, it says "first beings born and sentient" but I think it is not evolved but manifested. We basically just appear as the first sentient creatures without any real need for evolutionary predecessors, but not disallowing them either. The idea is to keep all possibilities open until we decide to collapse them. Several of my current concepts involve evolution and a few of them involve just being manifested. Basically assume that you can do either until you are told otherwise, from what I understand that is the point. Now, I could have been just assuming this but I think we can start out different from each other. I know that we are not required to be based on any know species or fantasy race and part of the idea was to give people a chance to move away from such things if they chose to do so. Basically, until told otherwise assume you can be anything. Work on several ideas just so that you have basic mental sketch if your favorite does not work out.
  3. InMediaRes
    In Amber, after spending your points in the auction, those with extra points get "good stuff", those with negative points get "bad stuff". This can be played different ways, but a character with bad stuff might be a little scarier, more intimidating. This character won't necessarily have to be evil, but he might find it's easier to take advantage of his natural edge there. Characters with good stuff may find it easy to fall into other's favour, so intimidation won't be necessary. A bad stuff character may be good, but in an antihero sort of way. A character with good stuff may be horribly evil, but he hides it well.

    It is sort of like spore, only not just your own race, but your own ecology. You may have many races in the realm you create, and eventually all of these will begin to interact. If you rule over an insectoid hive mind race, it's not evil to kill a drone to protect a higher class, in fact it's expected. Ruling over this race may necessitate doing "evil" things, as far as players are concerned. Just remember this is a new world, and they don't have the preconceptions you do.

    Concerning what Fuzzy said, about getting along: Poland claimed neutrality too :P Just be ready for everyone to play the game differently.
  4. Demelza
    Been thinking and I'm wondering if it's worth coming to a group consensus as to the broadest geometry of the world before we each go making assumptions that directly contradict in our intros. I'm not talking about anything specific beyond the basic shape of the world. Is it a globe? Is it a flat plane? Is it an endless plane or finite? Is the ground the inside of a sphere? Or even an endless fluidic mass with no sense of up or down?

    Personally I think I prefer a classic globe. It's easier to conceptualise in a world where so many other things are already competing for attention, and personally I think it does actually offer the most possibilities.
    Otherwise I quite like an infinite planar idea, but that makes navigation difficult (what with it being infinite).

    What do you guys think?
  5. Afflux_001
    i think we should try to keep things as simple as posible, a simple globe should be fine.
  6. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    Apparently my idea was bad for this from the beginning. I took this as a chance to make something truly special and different. My idea was too much so. Worse yet it would have been boring as hell to play in. So, I am open to hearing other ideas as to what basic things we should agree on so that I may work within that. I will just have to get used to it not being quite as flexible as I had once thought and make sure that when I do my work to keep playabilty in mind.
  7. Afflux_001
    i dont know what everyone hade in mind, but i was thinking as we hade the dream (i belive that when we say what we wanted to look like) that it was on the same planet/plane, and the if one person hade a dream that is was an open feild, and another a dense forest, that they would blend together with a forest bordering a medow. or if they did blend like one peson wanting a desert and another wanting a frozen tundra(sp?) that they would be different contenants. my question is, does someone with high pyche have more pull on how the planet looks? sence its our dream that forms it, would high pyche give you more pull on what you want?

    i could be completly wrong on how this works but its how i interperated it.
  8. Demelza
    I believe it does, but to exert your psyche to wide effect will wear you down so it's tied to your endurance too.

    As for the worlds format I'll post the idea that I came up with on the spot to merge a gas giant world with floating islands with a classic globe, as it turned out kinda cool the more i think of it.
    If you picture a cross section of a planet you have a series of concentric circles forming layers. The outermost layers form the atmosphere. Down from those you have a surface crust, much like the earth, this can be comprised of any type of terrain you can imagine. So far this is just like an earth type world, this is where similarities end however. Beneath the crust you have an internal atmosphere. All gravity is directed towards the crust, so once you pass half way through it you are at 0G. This means on the inside of the world you can have the same terrain as on the outside. Plus, floating land masses in the internal atmosphere. The internal atmosphere would thin as you approach the center of the planet until you reach 0G again.

    I might draw a little diagram and post it, but to give a few more graphic ideas of this: the floating islands could throw rocks down onto the inside of the crust. Natural passage from one side to the other could be through cave networks or massive crevasses in the crust. Oceans could traverse such crevasses forming waterfalls that meet head on in the middle or feeding underground 0G seas. The crust itself could have vast holes in it that fall through to. Any path from one side of the crust to another becomes an immediate location of strategic importance. Floating islands too become quite important as they're impractical to get to, turning them into ideal strongholds.

    So that or a plain globe gets my vote. Wondering if JT has seen any of this yet?
  9. InMediaRes
    I've been asked about the policy regarding your first post by a few of you, so I might as well post it here.

    While I'm not going to impose a length limit, if one person takes two hours and everyone else is taking 15 minutes, I'll try to regulate it. For this reason I want to take it in stages, first impressions, then extending to further surroundings, and so on. I've been rethinking a few things, and I think this will solve a lot of problems. Fuzzy, I'm gonna say go ahead and try out your ideas as far as you'd like...I really want this to be open concept, so I'm going to try harder to adapt. That is my job, after all.

    Conversely, because of possible conflicting natures, one player defining a boundary to the world would rule out the endless plain idea (at least along one avenue). After some thought, I realized infinity isn't so hard to deal with from a game perspective, but you cannot know if anything is truly infinite until you reach it's end. It's a funny paradox, I know. Be prepared, if you're going to go venturing that far, not to come back very easily. Infinite provides a lot of space to get lost in...

    It will help to come up with text to copy and paste for your initial post, to save typing time...however, be prepared to make quick adjustments, and don't post huge chunks to get a lead on the other players.

    Due to the increased flexibility of this system, it will take mutual respect on all the players involved to create something enjoyable. Your characters are the potential opponents, but the players should be collaborative. This isn't a game that is played to "win", so let's all have fun.

    Regarding scheduling, wednesday is out for me, unfortunately. If it works everyone involved I can push it to tuesday or thursday. Otherwise we can tentatively run it as PbP in these forums till the following week.

    Enelar, let me know when you're available to chat. I'm a night owl, so most nights I'll be around till as late as 3am my time (Toronto, Canada). A PM would help get my attention, though. The more time you have to think over your character the easier it will be to adapt.

    That is all. Cheers.
  10. Demelza
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