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  1. Dalkiel
    I'd like to lay out the basic ideas for the founding of this group here. I would like this group to be open to GMs who are interested in improving their game, whether by discussing rule interpretation, sharing ideas or experiences, making suggestions, or critiquing. Topics include Rules and Interpretations, World Building, scenario discussion, texture and flavor of cultures and realms, geographic ideas, campaign organization, game streamlining techniques, and others. Suggest your own!
  2. jpatterson
    Couldn't you pick a more dramatic name? Like the Pantheon of Gods on High? Heh. Well done, you went ahead with it.

    It depends on how you want to go about it. Some divisions might be in order such as system-wise, if people are needing help with mechanic issues, as some people will have some experience in some rules, but if it is more an "idea" problem, then it can be seen as more a general application aspect that most anybody can address.
  3. LordNightwinter
    Well how about making this a welcome and tell us about your GM/DM experience?
  4. LordNightwinter
    Shameless plug if I may. A friend of mine decided she wanted to start a DM/GM blog that might help out too. Here's the link
  5. esotericenigma
    Being that it is a social experience to do a game it makes sense that the more people share an idea or experiences that have done the more each person can have a larger base to game with. I am looking forward to reading the posts.
  6. Umiushi
    I like Lord Nightwinter's suggestion about converting this into a welcome thread, or establishing one here. Going one step further, would it be useful add a thread where we can occasionally post about what we're running and the state of our games? Besides the fact that many GMs love to tout their own games, it might be useful to establish some context for when we post in the other sections, so that nobody feels the need to go off on long tangents in order to explain their game settings each time they want to use an example from one of their own games.
  7. Dalkiel
    Excellent idea. I'm creating a thread for campaigns, where we can explain settings, and refer to when we post in the other threads.
  8. Umiushi
    Continuing on with the idea that this is now a welcome and self-introduction thread, my experience as a game master, after a few years of first watching and then playing, began in 1981 with red box Basic D&D. As is often the case, my early days did not produce anything I'm particularly proud of. It's been a slow and steady effort to improve myself since then.

    My first decent adventure, and then campaign, were both run in 1st edition AD&D. I believe this was around 1983. The campaign lasted about seven years, and brought characters from 1st through 14th level, which was pretty high in 1e.

    It was also around this time that I played in three campaigns with very talented GMs. These games probably did the most to influence my style to this day. One was a science fiction campaign named "Triple Zeta," that still enjoys some small degree of fame. One was another AD&D campaign, with the most brilliant DM I've ever met. The third was Call of Cthulhu. All three of these games were run in ways that turned the conventional wisdom of the time (which I believe is now referred to as "old school") on its head. As such, I would never call myself an "old school GM," insofar as I have any idea what that actually means.

    In the 1990s, I took a break from running D&D and experimented with numerous other systems. Some systems I used as D&D surrogates, others I used for brand new campaigns and adventures. I ran a couple of shorter, "sequel" campaigns to my old D&D adventure using game mechanics adapted from R. Talsorian games. I also ran a fairly lengthy Amber campaign at this time. I did return to D&D briefly with a short campaign using the Rules Cyclopedia.

    In the 2000s, I came back to running D&D, now in the third edition. For the most part, I ran adventures geared to the tastes of the local gaming group I was a part of. During this period, we made the transition from 3e to 3.5 and I ran a mix of original adventures and module adaptations.

    In early 2009, after ignoring it for about a year, I finally grabbed an on-sale copy of the fourth edition of D&D, and decided to try my luck with online games, here at Pen and Paper. That's pretty much where I've been at ever since, with an ongoing play-by-post game in the forums, and a semi-regular series of chat games using MapTool. Finally, just this month, I'm at long last getting serious about my long-standing desire to run some "classic" Traveller.

    That's the summary of my GMing experience. For more on the specific campaigns, I'll post in the "Worlds and Far-off Lands" thread.
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