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OOC (out of character thread)

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  1. Jayzilla
    see above, chat about anything
  2. Auxifur
    ....hai thar. So what is everyones recommendation on Armour for my climber? I gave him padding because I wanted him to dodge better.
  3. Samuraisin
    Hey Captain Aaron. I think you need to give him a bonus in dodge and use the dodge action more often if you want to make him be able to dodge better -> but I don't think your character's build is for straight up combat anyways; it seems like he is a very good rogue and good at sneaking up on people and we may need that later on.

    Also, I would really like to continue the battle PbP if possible and then get some of the rest of the story. That way we don't have to wait all week for the story to continue and we can go at whatever pace everyone if comfortable with during the week (whenever they can post).
  4. Auxifur
    haha, exactly what I built him for, I was playing as Captain of the guards, not as captain Aaron. Thanks Ser Kristoff.
  5. Samuraisin
    Here is what you could do to make him more sturdy -> change Endurance to 4 for 12 hp and Thievery to 3 (to reflect his very tough childhood) plus I don't think you said Ahklor was ever trained in thievery ->just has a talent for it stealing from that noble woman, then make the 1B Pick Lock a 1B Dodge in Agility. Then make Bludgeons 4B instead of 5B and put the extra 1B into Stealth for Blend In 1B. That way he is a more tougher "physical rogue." And then I'll try to cover the persuasion bases a little more with Kristoff, though Kristoff is highly specialized in combat, so Kristoff is more fighter than rogue and not really any kind of physical rogue, more the "intrigue rogue." And I am pretty sure the Maester and Rhodan have high level intrigue/knowledge and survival/archery covered respectively.
  6. Auxifur
    Thanks for the advice, my next character will definitely be using some of your advice. unless of course the narrator allows us to reroll our characters sheets.
  7. Ser Bunghole
    I was looking at the Intrigue rules section and was wondering if we did the Charm technique correctly the other night. It seems like Charm improves your opponent's disposition but only after you defeat them (ie, drop their composition to zero). I don't know if the opponent's disposition improves after each round of the intrigue. What do you think?
  8. mwack
    Kris and I were just discussing this on Skype... I'm awful confused with Intrigues, because I also read it as you did, Rhodan. The way I read it seems like you can just pump 1 skill and do better than spreading out. Example: If I have Taunt 3B and a nice Awareness skill for the Influence but I want to Seduce a lady, it would make the most sense (numbers-wise) for me to Taunt her until she only had 1-2 Composure remaining, then switch to Seduce at the last minute to get the desired result. Maybe a bad example since we all know that insulting your gal is the key to any good relationship, but replace Taunt/Seduce with any two techniques and you'll see my point. I mean, I imagine some common sense comes into play here, but as it's written it seems that only the "killing blow" counts.

    Maybe we could run a test Intrigue on the forum at some point so we can see it in action and take some time to analyze/figure it out?
  9. Auxifur
    Could we try it in OOC?
  10. Ser Bunghole
    That may work (Taunting then changing to Seduce to achieve your overall objective), but since a NPC can change it's Disposition after each round of the Intrigue, I would imagine that a NPC that was Taunted may change it's Disposition to Dislike or worse, thus giving a penalty to use Taunt since it's a Persuasion specialty.

    Also, this technique may backfire. Suppose a successful Taunt had many degress of success and brought the opponent's Composition to 0, in order to get the NPC to do what you want when you use a Taunt, they must have an Amiable or better disposition.
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