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New player in western burbs

  1. Synzin

    Just moved here recently from the oven which is Phoenix, AZ and am looking to join a gaming group. I'm in the Lombard/Downer's Grove area and would like to find something close by. (no car)

    My preferences are fantasy and sci-fi tabletop RPGs, but I have played and enjoy some others, such as gothic-punk, post-apoc and supers.

    I don't have any experience GM'ing (always had 2 friends that fought over being GM, lol), but am willing to try after I get used to the group.
  2. gdub411
    I bet you haven't even been on lately given the date of your post, but just in case, we are in need of an additional player for Pathfinder. Private message me if you are interested. The distance is around 30 miles. I'm not sure how well that works for you.
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