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I know you're out there...

  1. Redhand
    Since I have moved to NH about 2 years ago I have had the pleasure of finding some truly talented gamers. I have run and played some of the best games in my 20+ years of playing. The one challenge I've found is trying to make contact. I know you are out there and I'd like to make it easier for us to find each other. If you are new to NH like I am or if you have had the good fortune to grow up here just give a shout and say hey. I'm hoping to call in players from all over the Lakes Region, Concord and it's immediate surrounding area up to Plymouth or so. If we have a few folks from Dover and parts west that would be ok too. Even if you aren't currently looking for players or a game I encourage you to sign up. When you do please let us know which town you call home so other players in your general area will know you are nearby. I'm adding a discussion where we can do this. I'll even put my own name in first. I hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Redhand
    I'm very happy to see a few folks have joined up. Thanks guys! We have had some great discussion and gotten to know a bit about each other. Keep those questions and new memberships coming!
  3. Redhand
    I know there are more than 4 gamers in the lakes region. lol Again, there is no obligation or data collection more than a way to address you and a general location so other around you will know where you are. I'm hoping to see some new groups form in the interest of good tabletop gaming. If you think about it, it's a hobby that makes sense. Many of the games have a low or reasonable start up cost in the book, which a group could spread out among themselves if so desired. Once you have the core rules of whatever system looks good to you it can provide years of entertainment for very little money. That and I guarantee that you will build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

    You don't need prior experience, and there are as many styles of playing as there are players. If you'd like to get started, but don't know how ask me or anyone who posts on P&P they are great people and they'd be happy to help out. There are no dumb questions save for the ones you didn't ask. So join in and ask away my friends!
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