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Thursday Night Starwars
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Thursday Night Starwars

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    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Note: This game is currently on hold. In it's place, I am running the Vampire the Masquerade game.


    Anyone who plans to play in this game should have the Revised Core Book for D20 Star Wars, that is the 2002 edition with this cover.

    A number of other guides are really nice to have. They aren't necessary, though, and some may be completely useless to you (if you're playing a core species the Alien Anthology is unnecessary, or if we do a Jedi game then the DS Handbook is not important). However, for anyone who wants to look into all of my suggestions, these are some of the best books for D20 Star Wars:
    Ultimate Alien Anthology
    Power of the Jedi Sourcebook
    Dark Side Sourcebook
    Hero's Guide

    These also have some additional information:
    Arms and Equipment Guide (slightly outdated but semi-useable)
    Starships of the Galaxy (Saga Edition, but most ships can be converted fairly easily)
    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (once again, wrong edition and as a result, most rules are not applicable, but it does have some setting info for anyone interested enough)


    Use this site for sheets. http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumhome.php It is awesome.

    Note: Be sure when you create your sheet for this game you select the public option. Otherwise, when you post the link here, we will be unable to see.

    All characters start out with 1,000 plus another amount for every level depending on their class.

    Jedi- 500
    Fringer & Force Adept- 1000
    Scout & Scoundrel & Tech Specialist & Soldier- 1,500
    Noble- 2,000

    Example: A second level Jedi gets 2,000 (1000 + 500x2). Or a Soldier 1/ Fringer 1 gets 3,500 (1000 + 1500 + 1000).

    Additional and Modified Rules

    This page is my home-brew stuff for this game and Jedi Civil War D20 crap in general. Continue to check this for possible updates when you have a chance. I have armor posted here now, and in the future, weapons should also be updated as well.


    Dark Side Points

    The way dark side points are accumulated in D20 Star Wars is ridiculous. By the sheer fact using dark side powers gains a point would mean Palpatine and Vader should have hundreds and hundreds of points. Evil acts are likewise not defined well, and in fact, in some campaigns, striking first in a fight is considered an act which would warrant a dark side point. In reality, I think dark side points should be more of a sliding scale. There are no light side points, which means that dark side points are the only way to measure the hold the dark side has on an individual.

    Each level (normal, tainted, dark) is not retroactive, but higher levels can apply to lower ones. Example: an act which would grant a dark character a point would apply to a normal character, but an act which would grant a tainted character a point does not apply to a dark character. The idea is, once the dark side has taken such hold of an individual, minor transgression will not further darken his soul.

    Also, light side and gray jedi characters are often seen using various dark side power (ex: Luke force chokes a Gamorian guard in Return of the Jedi and Kyle Katarn uses force lightning when you accompany him in Jedi Academy). Feats and skills that transfer dark side points when used no longer have that effect, but they are more likely to be used in a way which will grant the character a dark side point. Also, there are still prejudices against using them inside organizations such as the Jedi Order in this time.

    Note: Most of these will also apply if a character manipulates someone into doing it. Example: If you either persuade or use the force to alter someone’s mind to kill their own father, it would be as if he character had killed his own loved ones, thus being a dark act even for a fully dark character. In the same vein, if an individual is completely under the sway of someone else (mind control), then the one controlling them will gain the dark side point, not the controlled.

    Normal Character-

    Calling Upon the Dark Side of the Force (spending a force point and using the dark side dice modifier is what this means, force powers like lightning do not grant cause this)

    Deliberately Killing When Not in Self Defense (starting a fight and killing your opponents; this could vary, though, starting a fist fight which escalates into a gun battle may not count depending on character intentions)

    Causing Undo Harm (beating up a space bum for sport or robbing someone for example)

    Using the Force in Anger (this is where it can get blurry- self defense is usually considered not overt anger, but if say, a character were to use a force point or a force power when exacting revenge, this could qualify)

    Tainted Character-

    Calling Upon the Dark Side to Fuel Force Powers (this would be stacking the use of a force point when called upon the dark side with a preexisting force power, ex: spending a force point to enhance your use of force lightning or battlemind)

    Deliberately Killing the Defenseless or Weak (executing prisoners or killing children)

    Causing Undo Grave Harm (torturing suspects or rape)

    Causing Harm to Loved Ones (robbing a friend or striking a family member)

    Dark Characters-

    Calling Upon the Dark Side to Commit Horrible Acts (using the force to torture someone or using control mind to force someone to kill a loved one)

    Mass Slaughter (bombarding cities from orbit or razing settlements)

    Killing or Gravely Wounding Loved Ones (doing violence one’s friends and family)

    Act of Ultimate Evil (destroying entire planets, committing genocide, or an otherwise act from which there is no redemption) (acts of this magnitude may actually inspire multiple dark side points depending on the exact circumstances)
  3. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    On a related note, there is a lot of time in which we could do this game. Here are so important dates to consider.

    Great Sith War- 4,000 to 3,996 Before Battle of Yavin
    Great Hunt- 3,995 to 3,993 BBY
    Mandalorian Wars- 3,976 to 3,960 BBY
    Jedi Civil War- 3,959 to 3,956 BBY
    Sith Civil War (Including First Jedi Purge)- 3,956 to 3,950 BBY
    Great Galactic War- 3,681 to 3,653 BBY

    The Great Galactic War, Great Sith War, and Great Hunt are there for references. However, the Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, and Sith Civil War are all possibilities. If we touch the Mandalorian Wars, it will likely be a prelude to the main game, perhaps if we're playing Sith, you will have been there at the final battle where you finally saw the horror of the last battle and crushed the Mandalorians beneath you before following Revan and Malak on their war against the Republic. If you're Mandalorians, perhaps you will be go through a few adventures where you live the last few battles, where you see your conquests stripped away before finally having your glorious leader killed and the clans scattered at the conclusion.

    Regardless, the main periods we're looking at are the Jedi and Sith Civil Wars. We can play around with either and both, and there are a lot of possibilities there. During the first conflict, a lot of force sensitive individuals abound, laying ample ground for that kind of game. However, at this time there are still many individuals running around who are mercenaries, smugglers, criminals, and such and so forth. As well, the entire party doesn't have to be the same thing, Sith and Jedi alike can work along side Mandalorians, smugglers, bounty hunters, and whatever else you could think of. Still, we mostly just need some direction so that we have a party that has a little piece of unity, rather than being a heavily divided group which will be at each others throats within the first hour.

    If anyone is interested, here is also a fun map I found of how the Mandalorian Wars looed when zoomed out.

    Addendum: Also, just so everyone realizes when Kotor is in scale to everything else, here are a few really far reaching dates.

    First Great Schism- 24,500? BBY
    Hundred Years of Darkness (Second Great Schism)- 7,003 to 6,900 BBY- This was the war that split the Old Jedi Order. The dark jedi, a new generation, compared to the one which rebelled ages before (give the many thousands of years, those events are beyond ancient even at this point), went to war. Their loss eventually led to exile, and they created the Sith beyond the influence of the fledgling Republic and the Jedi. This is the time of the legendary Ajunta Pall.
    Great Hyperspace War- 5,000 BBY- This is the first real conflict between the Sith and the Republic, being the conflict where the Republic became aware of the Old Sith Empire. Naga Sadow then invaded Republic Space, eventually even attacking Coruscant. The War was won by the Republic and the Sith Empire collapsed.
    Third Great Schism- 4,250 BBY
    The Old Sith Wars- 4,015 to 3,950 BBY- This was a 65-year period of intense war and conflict. This is the period the game will fall into. It includes the Great Droid Revolution, the Great Sith War, the Krath Holy Crusade, the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Civil War, the Dark Wars (Sith Civil War, First Jedi Purge, Onderon Civil War, and the conflicts directly related to the Jedi Exile upon his return to the Republic), and a dozen or so other small wars.

    Great Galactic War- 3,681 to 3,653 BBY
    New Sith Wars (Fourth Great Schism)- 2,000 to 1,000 BBY
    Separatist Crisis- 24 to 22 BBY
    Clone Wars- 22 to 19 BBY
    Galactic Civil War- 2 to 19 ABY
    Yuuzhan Vong War- 25 to 29 ABY

    Btw, obviously, your characters don't know the future stuff happens. Additionally, though, a lot of the other things would be considered out-of character knowledge as well. The details of any of the old conflicts would likely be reversed to historians and scholars, while not exactly hidden knowledge, they aren't exactly commonplace. I'm putting this here as a representation of scale. The war that Revan brought upon the Republic lasted only three years. That is a drop in the bucket. Some of the wars fought are very short. The Clone Wars itself was only three years long, and the conflict between Naga Sadow and the Republic was only a mere year. Still, other events, like the Great Galactic War and the New Sith Wars are far more extended.

    While these conflicts are quite short compared to others, that timeline image shows the amount of conflicts (four of which were entire galaxy wide) shoved into a space of 65 years. Still, even with those being that close together, the Great Sith War of Exar Kun's making was a generation before Revan. From Kotor I, Canderous and Jolee fought in it, the others were likely either unborn or too young to remember it (There is even some debate as to whether or not Canderous was in it, but either way, by the point in which Kotor I starts he is 58, and he was a young, young man when and if he fought in that war). As such, it seems very distant for everyone involved in the current wars. Imagine for a moment the actual difference in time between the Jedi Civil War and the Galactic Civil War. It is nearly four millennia. IN comparison, only about one millinium previous was the Great Hyperspace War, and two more before that was the Hundred Years of Darkness. The time between the point in which the Sith came into existence and the point in which Revan marched against the Republic with the might of the Star Forge is actually less than the distance between that and the rise of Palpentine. It's a vast amount of time either way, incorporating 7,000 years (less than a third of the time the Old Republic actually existed). Though, interestingly, if you remember some of the events from the end of KotOR I, the names and history of some of events prior to even this are known to some. Long story short, the time of Luke and Anakin Skywalker would regard this time as ancient, hundreds and hundreds of generations prior. This time would consider the Hundred Years of Darkness ancient, and that time would consider the First Great Schism ancient.
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